Matter of sending demand form for arrears bills other than salary

Matter of sending demand form for arrears bills other than salary: The increased salary under the Seventh Pay Commission will reach the account of all central employees and pensioners from August 1. Along with this, the government has also made preparations to bring the stalled arrows to the account of the employees. It is being told that the stalled arrears will reach the account of all the beneficiaries within two to three months.

Increased salary on August 1

According to the media reports, before Dusshera, the central government will send the first installment of arrears to the accounts of all. The July increased salary of 47 lakh central employees and the increased July pension of 52 lakh pensioners will reach their account from August 1.

Will get arrears from tent

With this, the six month stalled arrear will reach everyone’s account in one installment before Dashera in October. Retired from the army, Sat Singh Tomar, says that we have been told that in two to three months, the arrears will start getting into the installment accounts and before the Dashera, the installment will reach the accounts of all.

You will get thirty percent more

Sources say that after the recommendations of the Pay Commission, the government can increase the basic salary of central employees by up to thirty percent. Explain that the Pay Commission had recommended at least 18 thousand basic and 2.5 lakh most basic salaries. Which the government is considering to increase by thirty percent to a minimum of 23,400 and a maximum of 325,000 rupees. Matter of sending demand

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