National Family planning plan

National Family planning plan

We learn from elementary school that human is a social animal. But this same human being is exploiting almost the whole earth today as his personal property. Humans have become a threat to the environment and other creatures due to their intelligence. Just think, until now, the forest was all around, and now all around you can see the concrete building and the human presence. Today the number of human beings on this earth has increased so much that if human beings continue to degrade the earth in this way now, in the next hundred years human beings will need another 100 earths! Surprising but real. Today human beings are increasing their numbers and are becoming victims of nature and environment as well as other living beings. That is why many countries now have to make plans like family planning to keep the human population from growing. In our country of India also a family planning scheme has been implemented to keep the population under control. Let us know what is this family planning plan?

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National family planning plan
National Family planning plan

What is a family planning plan?

The family planning scheme is an attempt to control the population which has been implemented as a scheme. There are more than 150 million people living in our India. Now providing employment, education, facilities and security to such a large number of people is a very difficult task like chewing iron chana. That is why the National Family Planning Scheme has been started by the government. Arrangements are being made to reduce the population by sterilizing men and women without having children. However, there is also the freedom to accept this plan only if people have the desire and convenience. If a man or a woman undergoes infertility under this scheme, financial benefits are given by the government under this scheme. However, for this too, some conditions have been laid down by the government. Only if these are followed, family planning operation is done.

Who benefits from National Family Planning Scheme?

As per the clarification we have made, in order to avail the benefits of this scheme, you have to abide by certain conditions. In which she wanted to get the benefit of this scheme.

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For women beneficiaries ..

✓  Must be married.
✓ His age should be between 22 years to 49 years
✓ The woman should have one child and be more than 1 year old.
✓ Husband should not have vasectomy option (number two should not have adopted this method, he should be in good mental condition.)

For male beneficiaries who want to avail the benefits of National Family Planning …

✓ The man must be married.
Must be under 60 years of age.
✓ She should have a child and her
Must be over 1 year of age.
✓ The beneficiary’s wife should not have undergone the operation (one of the two does not have this procedure)
Should be adopted.
✓ He should be in good mental condition.

What are the benefits of Rashtriya Parivar Yojana?

If you qualify for the National Family Planning Scheme and declare yourself eligible, then in such a case …

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In male vasectomy ….
✓ Rs. 2000 / – and 500 / – to the motivator.
✓ Tubactomy (Rs. 1400 / – to the beneficiary and Rs. 500 / – to the motivator in sterilization.
Tubactomy (female sterilization (performed in a government hospital within 7 days after delivery) is given Rs.2200 / – to the beneficiary and Rs.300 / – to the motivator.

Where do the benefits come from?

To avail the benefits of National Family Planning Scheme, you can check and get information from the following source.

When you perform the operation of the family welfare system in the facility center, the beneficiary who performs the operation from there is assisted in their bank account.

Method of availing the benefits of the scheme

If you want to take advantage of this plan, you have to fill the prescribed form during the operation. There is currently no online facility available for this. So you have to visit face to face.

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