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Natural remedies to relieve constipation read all information free for people

Natural remedies: Constipation means that your stomach is not cleansed or your body is deficient in fluids. The person may not feel refreshed during constipation. If you have constipation for a long time and you have not been treated for this disease, it can take the form of a terrible disease. Constipation can also cause stomach problems. Such as abdominal pain, discomfort in feeling refreshed in a systematic way, incontinence, etc. In addition to effective natural remedies for constipation, ayurvedic treatment can also cure constipation.

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Ayurvedic recipes for constipation

Drinking large amounts of water is recommended for constipation, doctors also recommend drinking hot water.

Patients with constipation are advised to eat thin liquids and simple foods like Upma, Khichdi etc.

Chest inflammation often occurs during constipation. In this case, due to acidity and constipation, sugar and ghee should be mixed and eaten on an empty stomach.

Soak green vegetables and fruits like papaya, grapes, sugarcane, guava, tomato, beet, fig fruit, spinach juice or raw spinach, raisins in water. Eating large grapes at night helps relieve constipation.

In fact, deficiency of water and liquids is the main cause of constipation. Lack of dilute substances causes the stool to dry out in the intestines and the stool has to be pushed out, causing the constipated patient to start coughing.


Doctors often recommend eating isabagul to relieve constipation. Isabagul should be mixed in warm milk or water and taken at night before going to bed.

In addition to green leafy vegetables, fibrous vegetables should be eaten exclusively. Which leads to an increase in thin substances in the body.

It is also beneficial to take spicy substances during constipation.


Hot water and hot milk relieve constipation. Drinking castor oil in hot milk at night is an effective remedy for constipation.



Constipation is relieved by dipping lemon juice in water, ghee in milk and honey in hot water. Drinking warm water in the morning also helps a lot in relieving constipation.

Flax seed powder taken with water helps in relieving constipation.

In this way constipation can be permanently and easily removed through effective natural remedies and Ayurvedic remedies.