NCER has founded an online photography competition

NCER has founded an online photography competition: Apart from CBSE students, this book is also very useful for State Board students, especially when State Board students take national level exams. From Civil Services to many other competitive exam papers, the NCERT book is the basis. Therefore NCERT book is very useful for all students

NCER has founded an online photography competition
NCER has founded an online photography competition

NCERT i.e. National Council for Educational Research and Training has been given the task of preparing textbooks for primary and secondary level students as well as distributing them. These books are extremely useful for CBSE students and these text books are considered to be the best book for bringing more than 95% marks in board examinations. However, the number of students who concentrate on reading other books and divert their focus is not small. Is there any harm in studying the course from other books?

Category 1- Std 1 to 2

Category 2 – Std-6 to 8

Category 3 – Std 9 to 12

Number of entries per student::

 Child Country Only one entry

Issue of governing online photography competition for school students

The tournament will be clasped in three classifications.
  • 1. For standard 1 to 5
  • 2. For standard 6 to 8
  • 3. For standard 9 to 12

Topic for the tournament

1. Pride of labor or
2. One India Best India
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Dividend management::

(For the top 3 winners in each category)
1. 10000 / –
2. 7000 / –
3. 5000 / –
And 2000 / – will be given to seven learners as solace prize.

Aren’t NCERT books enough for exams? So the answer to this question is that NCERT books are inclusive in every way and complete in their own sense. CBSE rarely asks any questions from outside these books. Students should read these books in detail. As far as other books are concerned, there is definitely no harm in reading from them but you should make sure that you have covered every line of NCERT. Before you start reading other books, you should do a thorough study of NCERT books. Here are ten advantages of reading NCERT books over other books during exams:
1. Gives you an in-depth understanding of complex topics
NCERT’s books are designed for all types of students regardless of the level of intelligence of the students. These books are designed to clarify your doubts, concepts and give you an in-depth understanding of complex topics.
2. Most of the CBSE board questions are from NCERT books only
There is a myth among the students about NCERT books that these books are not enough for CBSE board exam preparation. Students should know that CBSE asks most of the questions only from NCERT books. You should read these books very carefully as questions outside of these books are not usually asked.
3. The important questions given at the end of the chapters in NCERT are mostly revolving and are asked in the board