NFSA – National Food Security Act-2013

NFSA – National Food Security Act-2013

It is said that feeding the hungry is the best deed. If someone asks for such food in your yard and you give it to him, it is considered as pleasing to God. There is a saying in our Gujarat that five virtues of water and six virtues of food are considered as many virtues. That is why in our India, food is considered a deity and its insult is considered an insult to God. However, even today in our country, even in 2022, there are about 450 million people who are doing black labor for one meal a day. Many villages are inhabited by BPL holders. The fact that the government has to make a plan so that people can have a full meal at such a time is in fact a failure of all of us but when it is made a plan, it is considered as a big Bhagirath Satkarya and it is promoted. This is a shame though. In this Corona era, the Indian government had to face a major challenge to provide a nationwide meal for this meal. At the time of this epidemic, the Government of India provided food for more than 80 crore people of the country. People had to plan to get wheat, rice, lentils and other basic essential food grains. The scheme was enacted by the government to implement it on a nationwide basis. Named NFSA – National Food Security Act-2013
Is known as Yes, we had to enact a national food security law in India and that too in 2013! According to this law, every citizen of India who is in need of food is provided with a compulsory arrangement to help him. Which was given the form of law.

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Nfsa - national food security act-2013
NFSA – National Food Security Act-2013

According to the NFSA-National Food Security Act-2016 of the Government of India, arrangements have been made to provide food to needy families every month in which a fixed amount of food dal is provided to APL 1 and BPL card holders every month. This requires some processing. This plan and arrangement is not for everyone. But this law is made only for those who need it. If you want to avail the benefits of this scheme and are eligible to avail the benefits under this scheme, you can read the whole article and then apply and you can avail the benefits under this NFSA – National Food Security Act-2018.

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NFSA – National Food Security Act-2013 Here is the information of the claim application for the families in need (APL-1 and BPL ration card holders) to get food grains at concessional rates every month.

So it is a matter of fact that under the NFSA-National Food Security Act, the Government of India, in the year 2016, the families of needy BPL and APL-1 ration card holders other than BPL ration card holders are given a certain amount of foodgrains per person per month by the government through cheap food shops. To avail of which the applicant has to file a claim-application. You will need some supporting evidence to make your claim or application which is listed below.

NFSA – Evidence to apply for benefits under National Food Security Act-2016

✓ Ration card
✓ Lightbill / Verabil gosbila
✓ Not owning a house – if the leaseholder is living on rent then allotment by the government if the house is allotted.
✓ Aadhaar card (for each family member)
✓ Gasbook
✓  Bank passbook of the main member of the family (keeping the housewife as the main member of the family so that more government schemes can be availed in future).

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Where to get medicine application form and where to apply?

You can get this form from your local cheap food shop, zonal office, mamlatdar’s office, taluka office (from any one who has been given authority in that zone or district).

How to apply

✓ Xerox every piece of evidence.
The survey will be conducted by an authorized panel from the office where the form is submitted. And based on the survey, you will be eligible for the benefit every month by deciding whether you are eligible for the NFSA scheme or not.

Special thing – if you have to add or subtract the name of one of your family members in the ration card, you should apply for the job first so that you do not get into any trouble later and you will not be deprived of benefits.

If there is still any confusion or question, you can leave your question, advice or valuable suggestion in the comment box.

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