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Nishtha Talim Monitoring Related Circular

VON No.: GCERT / Training / 2020-21, 12E —- Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training, Vidya Bhavana ‘Sector-17, Gandhinagar Email: Secretary Date: 08/10/2050 District Education and Training Bhavan, All Subjects: Integrity Teacher Training Matters Reference:


GCERT Training 060-21 / 1905-9 dated 06-1-2050 Mr. Has been started. This was stated in the reference letter for the training of all teachers and headteachers who have not undergone fidelity training. During the training, DIET Principal, Lecturer, and S.I. Will have to be monitored by as well as scan the QR code shown against its information and upload it in Google form in the afternoon.

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The report form has to be filled as per the attached form. Monitoring details should be sent here as given below. After the completion of the training, the report of the entire training will have to be sent here as per the issues involved. Issues for preparation of report after completion of training 1. Title page 6, Monitoring during training 2. Details found in the introduction


Nishtha talim monitoring realted circular
Nishtha Talim monitoring related circular

3. Objectives of Training 1. GCERT dated 7/10/20 4. Beneficiary Group Reference Form (Exercise 5. Details of Training Course and Copy of Time Term Work Register) 8. Photographs Secretary GCERT Gandhinagar 55 Page

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