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NPS by KFintech-CRA Application Form play store

NPS by KFintech CRA Application is also famous apps in the market. NPS by KFintech CRA Application Form play store: In the new APP, the User Interface (UI) of the APP have been changed and improvised to make it more user friendly. Also, additional features have been included in the APP in addition to the features available. This type all latest news and useful information is also available in our site .The following additional features along with existing features are made available:

NPS by KFintech CRA Application:

NPS by KFintech CRA Application, Keep these things in mind pop contribution charge will not be applicable to doing so. But if you have opened your NPS account through a PoP (bank, broker, etc.), then PoP service charge will have to be paid.


Additional Features:♦ Remember PRAN
♦ Auto reading of OTP (OTP sent through KCRA)
♦ FATCA declaration submission
♦ Aadhaar seeding
♦ PAN update 

NPS by KFintech-CRA Application
NPS by KFintech-CRA Application



Existing features:

♦ View your Profile details.
♦ View current Holdings
♦ Request for Transaction Statement on registered Email ID.
♦ Change contact details like Telephone, Mobile no. and Email ID.
♦ Change Password facility
♦ View Last 5 contribution transactions carried out
♦ Contribute in NPS Tier I as well as Tier II account
♦ Change Scheme Preference
♦ One Way Switch request (from Tier II to Tier I)
♦ Tier II withdrawal request
♦ Modify address using Aadhaar
♦ Grievance/Enquiry
♦ Generate Password



This fee will be 05% of your investment amount. Minimum Rs 5 and maximum Rs 5,000. This fee will not be applicable if you have opened the account using an Aadhaar card through eNPS.

Because you are investing online, you may have to pay some payment gateway charges. The fee will depend on how you are paying.Net Banking: 60 paise + 18% GSTDebit Card: 8% + 18% GST of the investment amount credit Card: 9% + 18% GST of investment amount you are investing through eNPS to save fees, then you should pay through Net Banking. Paying via debit or credit card will be quite expensive.NPS by KFintech CRA Application these apps is so useful for all this public.


In addition to basic permissions, the KFinKart-Distributor app needs access to other functions on your device for it to support the above features –
• External Storage: To download the statement to devise memory
• Call log: To auto-dial the contact center number. We do not read the existing call log
• Phone: This permission is required to uniquely identify the device
• SMS: To auto-verify OTPs.