Petrol and Diesel – Find Out the Price of Both of These Fuels in Your City

Petrol and Diesel: Crude oil regained momentum in the market. Prices in the domestic market have been stable for the last seven days. But today both the fuels seem to have caught fire and this has gone up to 35-35 paise per liter. In Delhi, petrol was priced at Rs 86.65 per liter and diesel at Rs 76.83 per liter on Thursday.

Petrol price has gone up by Rs 02.94 in the new year

The new year has been bad for petroleum fuels. In January and February last year, petrol became expensive for only 11 days, but in those days it has gone up by Rs 02.94. With this, petrol has gone on All Time High Price in almost all the cities.

Before that, petrol prices had gone up sharply in the second half of last year. In the last 10 months alone, its price has gone up by about Rs 16 per liter.

Diesel also cost Rs 02.96

Along with petrol, diesel prices are also at the forefront of record-breaking. Earlier on Republic Day, diesel was 35 paise per liter. Even then it became 25 paise more expensive. Today, it has risen by 35 paise again. In the new year, the price of diesel has gone up to Rs 02.96 per liter in 11 days. It is also at an all-time high. If you look, the price has gone up by more than Rs 14 in the last 10 months.

Boom in crude oil market

The meeting of the Joint Ministerial Oversight Committee of the OPEC Plus (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) ended on Wednesday. In record time, it was decided that crude oil production would remain at current levels. Earlier it was not decided to increase crude oil production in January and it was abandoned in February or March. This has led to a resurgence of the crude oil market. WTI Crude rose 8 0.85 to 55 55.93 a barrel on the UK London Crude Oil Exchange on Thursday. Brent crude prices are also rising. It rose ડો 1.00 a barrel to 58.46 a barrel.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Petrol-diesel prices change daily. And updates at 6 p.m. You can also know the daily price of petrol-diesel through sms. Indian Oil customers can get the information by typing the code of RSP Space Petrol Pump to 9224992249 and bpcl customers can send RSP to 9223112222. So the customer of hpcl can know the price by sending HPPrice to 9222201122.

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