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Phone Contact Template

Phone Contact Template: February Month Vali Phone Sampark Mate Mahvtapoorn Pdf Format Namoono.

Every action we take should be for our own nation. Our personal and family interests are also in the national interest. Spending money on someone’s luxury is a way of wasting money and stealing. The best use of money is to serve the helpless and needy in the national interest.

The animal in which sacrifice and charity are in equal proportions is the same in that degree.

Of course, if there is a sense of national interest in life, there is a spirit of charity and altruism and there is a spirit of welfare of life and besides that there is a spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, then that life is also a perfect life. Phone Contact Template

The opportunity for service is lucky and the spirit of service is lucky. All the saints – great ages have been either saints or saints and have a sense of service or service in their lives, or say those who have a spirit of service and service in their minds, saints – great ages and have also become saints.

If human life is found, it should serve the nation, serve humanity and serve only men, this is also the ideal state and meaning of life.

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