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Presiding Officer Assistant: Elections are a formal decision-making process by which the population chooses to hold public office. Elections are the common method by which modern representative democracy has functioned since the 17th century. Elections can fill offices in the legislature, sometimes in the executive and judiciary, and for regional and local government. This process is also used in many other private and business organizations, from clubs to voluntary organizations and corporations.

The global use of elections as a means of electing representatives in modern representative democracies contradicts the art of democracy, ancient Athens, where elections were not used, and most political offices were filled with the help of arrangements. Known as allotment, by which the incumbents were selected by lot. Presiding Officer Assistant

Electoral reform describes the process of introducing fair electoral systems where they are not, or the process of improving the ness or effectiveness of existing systems. Cephaphology is the study of results and other statistics, especially those related to predicting future outcomes.
Picking means “choosing or making a decision”, and so other types of ballots, such as referendums, are sometimes referred to as elections, especially in the United States.

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