Primary School Open Parantes Agreement Official Cirtificate

Primary School: The Vadodara Board of Trustees has announced the closure of schools on November 7 against the decision of the state government to start schools for students of Std.

A video has gone viral on social media by parents for protesting the decision, saying the government has announced that parents who want to send their children to school must sign a consent form, according to the form. That is, the school administrator will not be responsible for the corona if the student goes to school. Thus, by announcing the consent of the parents, the government has slammed the parents on the head.

“If parents agree, it will be a suicidal move. Are you fed up with your children in the lockdown or are you ready to send them to school? Sending children to school can be more dangerous than sending a child to school The government is signing a consent form with the parents to avoid legal action. The Vadodara Board of Guardians has also appealed to the parents to boycott the government’s decision not to send their children to school voluntarily.

{૩}. Schools will have to arrange the number of classes keeping in view the number of students and the need and complexity of the subject. In addition to arranging seating as per social guidelines between the two students as per the guidelines, in addition, the headteacher of the school/taluka primary education officer will be able to decide what kind of arrangement should be arranged for which subject/course,

7.- All these procedures will have to be done following the SOP / guidelines announced by  govt of India.

(2) students. Proper Cannes Scale for teachers as well as all other staff will be required. All concerned local authorities will be on high alert to ensure that any infected or symptomatic student/teacher or third party enters the school complex by constantly monitoring the matter. (V), a student living in the cantonment zone or a family with a coroner, a consensual student, or a third or third person shall not be allowed to enter the school. If there is a school in Carriagement Certificate / Virta, then that school should not be nailed, as shown in the SDP published by Maat Saka 2012, all concerned such as headmaster, teachers, parents, students, SMC Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council (ICERT) and District Education and Training Bhavan (DIS ‘) will take action on capacity building of members, etc.