Salesforce | All about Salesforce | Salesforce Cloud computing | Salesforce customer 360

Salesforce | All about Salesforce | Salesforce Cloud computing | Salesforce customer 360

Today the world is getting smaller. Today is the time of human technology where the distance of space has now become invisible. With the smartphone in the hands of ordinary people today, you can interact with people in any corner of the world, make video calls with them and share your thoughts with them. Before anyone thinks that if we start a business we would start our own small business in the village but today is the time for technology So now if you want to start your own business, store or any kind of financial transaction from any corner of the world, you do not need to go to other countries to open your own shop or other store! What a wonderful thing! Yes, now is the time for CRM. Now we are writing this article only for those who are hearing or reading this word for the first time! Today we have come up with a CRM that will enable you to start your own business, business or economic activity with the help of technology, develop it and develop yourself and your employees. Let us know what the whole thing is.

What is CRM?

Let us first know the full name of CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management! Simply put, the business you start has a direct bearing on how you deal with your customers! Now when you start a business all over the world with the help of technology you have to deal with many customers!

The same business he used to do in the past, developing relationships with all his customers, answering their questions and keeping all the accounts, managing the customer’s account and many other things! But like we said time is of the essence. Now you can easily run your business as now you can do other important tasks by keeping the business fully automated and you can keep it on automation by assigning common and typical tasks with you and the customer to today’s software (program) and the name of the technology Is CRM!

Yes, this is the kind of software that automatically completes many of your tasks! CRM does a lot of things like managing your customers’ accounts, sending them bills, sending e-mails, accounting for cost gains, monitoring growth or loss! In short, Digital Munim! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Yes, according to the technology of CRM, its function, its capacity, you have to pay to use this technology-program. There are many types of CRM available in the online market today.

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Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. However, if we talk about some well-known and reliable CRM, names like HUBSPOT, ZOHO can be given! However, in order to use it, you have to pay the bill! Remember this! Yes, some programs or software are free but you have to think twice about its capabilities and function as nothing in this world is free. Someone has to pay the bill. Today we bring you a CRM program that is helping many people. The name is SALEFORCE!


Salsforce is a CRM that is becoming very popular today. In this CRM you can use work from home, small business, sales, service, marketing, platforms, engagement, analysis, enablement and health related technologies. Running on Salesforce # 1 today. Yes, we are talking about a global label right now.
Salesforce is no ordinary company. He is one of the most reputed anonymous companies in the world. More than 31,000 companies like IDFC, CEAT, BPCL, GEP are using this software. This CRM has many advantages. Which has different pricing for different categories. You have to pay according to your need. Let’s say Customer 360 is its main form in which many customers can be seen describing their ideas and their experience.

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Customer 360

Customer 360 is Salesforce’s Customer Central Explorer where customers can be seen describing their ideas and experiences. This is a kind of function in which you have to choose the plan according to your business and pay accordingly. Such as small business, service, marketing, commerce etc!

Here you will find not only a list of companies but also their experience! So you too can take advantage of it! Understand the whole case study!

06 benefits of salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a huge service technology. Which has many advantages which are hard to describe here. So we are going to talk about a very important 06 benefits.

01 Trustworthy reporting

When you use salesforce CRM, you are given a report of your unfitness according to the category for which you have chosen the plan for the service. Which is a one point only analysis. You can use this report for your business growth and future planning. Because when you know where you are now and where you are going now, you can easily plan for the next one. You have this report about your business leads, customer status, sales, their transactions and the status of your business.

02 Dashboards that visually showcase data

In Salesforce CRM you are given a dashboard. This is not a simple dashboard but you can customize it according to the analysis and report you need. This means that the report you want appears on the dashboard. In which you can see the campaign you run, e-mail automation, sales funnels, benefits, costs etc.

03 Improved messaging with automation

If there is a defect in the automation you activate, you can improve the messaging system automation to make it more attractive. You can start and automate many automations like sending messages, ad campaign messages to customers as well as making changes and enhancements.

04 Proactive service

You can take your service to a whole new level. You can put your service function, its timetable, features, its sales funnels etc. on automation. In a way, by activating your service, you can pay more attention to customer satisfaction.

05 Efficiency enhanced by automation

You can easily automate every sales funnel, e-mail, ad campaign etc. you create. Delivery and accurate automation are very important. Simply showing features on a website does not make the program successful. It also requires the program to work. So it is important that your automation stays active and works. In Salesforce you can find out more about this. Because the whole system is very solid and each test works smoothly.

06 Simplified collaboration

If you get in trouble at any time, you can ask for help in customer care. Each category has different customer care. You can get help by phone call, e-mail, chat. That is complete collaboration. All systems are updated from time to time. The report is given. Sales related question is answered. Monetizing, customer service, marketing sales all go hand in hand.

In short salesfoce gives you
Benefit from World’s # 1 CRM
Includes integrated platform, AI, app development, best in class apps. As well as the Single Source of Truth
You can take advantage of Connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, personalize experiences. Not only this, it also has features like Fast Time to Value Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI. Your service is Scalable and Flexible
Solutions for any size company or industry level. As well as Trailblazer Success and Community
96% of customers say they met or exceeded ROI expectations!

FAQ for customer 360

01 What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Customer 360 is the breadth of Salesforce technology — one integrated CRM platform to bring your company and customers together — from anywhere.

Customer 360 unites your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT departments with shared, easy-to-understand data on one integrated CRM platform. With a single view of your customer, your teams can create connected, personal customer experiences that build stronger relationships.

02 Was Customer 360 a single product ? Is that not the case?

Salesforce Customer 360 is the breadth of our technology portfolio: one integrated CRM platform that can be used by all of your teams to manage and grow customer relationships.

You may be thinking of Customer 360 Truth, a portfolio of three products built on the Salesforce Platform that can help you consolidate customer identity, create a secure data hub, and deliver hyperpersonalised customer experiences across all your products. Customer 360 Data Manager is one of those products, and it allows you to connect all your Salesforce apps across multiple orgs to create a single global ID and profile for every customer. With Data Manager, you can create a single source of truth for every employee to work from to create more connected customer experiences.

03 I just need to solve a very specific problem. Is Customer 360 right for me? Where would I even start?

Customer 360 is designed to be tailored to the needs of every business and to meet you exactly where you are today. Some organisations may just need one of our market-leading solutions to support a single department or business goal, while others may benefit from connecting more of their teams on a single, shared platform to manage customer relationships more holistically. We can find the services and packages that will serve your current needs, with plenty of options for growth in the future. That’s the advantage of Customer 360. Start a chat with us below and we’ll help you get started on the right path.

05 How do I know Customer 360 can deliver results for my business?

We’re proud of the results our customers see with Salesforce. But you don’t have to take our word for it. A customer survey completed in August 2020 revealed 95% of our customers have met or exceeded their ROI goals with Salesforce, with 40% reporting they exceeded ROI expectations. And when users expand their use of Customer 360 by integrating more products into their toolkit, these numbers only increase. Fifty-two percent of multiproduct users say Salesforce has exceeded ROI expectations.

05 How is Customer 360 priced?

We offer a variety of pricing options for our customers. We offer two primary options for investing in our cloud platforms.

Editions: When you select an edition, you get a bundle of some of our most popular features in one package.
Add-ons: Each add-on you select helps you customise your CRM solution to get exactly what your organisation needs. We offer add-ons with different tiers of functionality, which is similar to how our editions have varying levels of functionality for most products.

To learn more about our products and their costs, please visit the Salesforce Product Pricing page.

For organisations in the nonprofit, education, or philanthropy sectors, Salesforce offers a special version of our CRM platform and other solutions. The salesforce.org website gives more insight into how to qualify for reduced- or no-cost solutions for your organisation.

As always, our representatives are available for a no-pressure consultation to help you figure out the best solution for your budget and business needs. We can find the services and packages that will serve your current needs, with plenty of options for growth in the future.

06 Does Customer 360 integrate with other applications? How?

Salesforce Customer 360 is built to work with other applications to provide a seamless back-end experience that allows you to run your organisation smoothly. One way we offer integration with other programs is through our AppExchange marketplace. Each app can be installed quickly so you and your team can start using it in your Salesforce product today.

Integration is also made possible with MuleSoft, the world’s #1 integration and API platform. With the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™, you can connect any system, application, data, and device to unleash the full power of Customer 360.

Finally, Customer 360 Truth is a portfolio of add-on products that allow you to consolidate customer identity, create a secure data hub, and deliver hyperpersonalised customer experiences across all your Salesforce products.

07 Where can I learn more about Customer 360?

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the Customer 360 demo video. Continue learning about all the incredible solutions that make up Customer 360 by exploring the product pages of our website.

Then, be sure to head over to the Salesforce Resource Centre for thought leadership, research, and how-to content on the latest topics, and resources tailored to your role and industry.

Salesforce cloud computing | cloud service

Salesforce cloud computing and cloud service are essential cloud services for today’s website, business, store. In which you are given different plans. You can choose the plan as needed and take the app, website, store or your business online to the cloud service. Plans are available according to function and capacity. In which you can take advantage of cloud computing.

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Service list of Saleforce

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01 sales
02 service
03 Marketing
04 Commerce
05 Anylistic
06 integration
07 Slack
08 Platform
09 industry
10 Safety
11 Sustainability
12 Partners
13 einstine ai
14 experience
15 Truth
16 Succes

Pricing / Plan for Salesforce

There are different plans available in Saleforce CRM by category which you can choose according to your convenience and need. Below some plans for your information.

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Useful links

◆ official site link – https://www.salesforce.com/in/
◆ salesforce login – https://www.salesforce.com/login

◆ pricing – https://www.salesforce.com/in/editions-pricing/overview/


Salesforce is not a common system and its price is not normal but this system is a blessing for those who need it and can use it. Using which you can take your business to a new height. Stay tuned to std10.net for your feedback, suggestions or any questions or concerns you may have in the comment box.

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