We tell you that the portal we are talking about is called SAS Gujarat Portal in which Gujarat primary school teachers will be able to do paperwork simple and fast. If you are having any problem on this portal then this is our You will be able to solve the whole problem by reading the article.

You can also do this easily by watching the video below.


How will SAS work from Gujarat?
This portal was launched by Gujarat Government on September 5, 2019, in which teachers now do all their administrative work like school information, teacher information, student information multiplication, leave report, transfer, monthly sheet a, bc, salary all online Will be able to do through this portal.

How to work in SAS portal?
This portal is exclusively for primary schools. This means that if you are a primary school teacher then you will need it so let us know how to work in it.

First you have to go to the official website of this portal

sas gujarat
sas gujarat
In addition, you can also use the Android mobile app. There you will find a screen in which you have to select the district of your school.

sas gujarat login
sas gujarat login
After selecting the district, you will see a screen where you have to log in to sas gujarat login first. Now that you have not logged in even once, you have to enter your school’s dice code in both the username and password and login by entering the captcha.

As soon as you log in, a page will open with the name of the midwife and your school above. On that page you can change your password if you wish.

sas gujarat password change
sas gujarat password change
What information can you enter?
As soon as you login, you will see the dashboard of your school. In the village where your school is located, you will see a screen with the total number of people in the village which will be zero All the information you need to fill in or update will be written.

You will be asked to update the information below on system alerts such as

Password change
School profile
Teacher profile
Teacher seniority order
Monthly Sheet Step-1
Monthly Sheet Step-2
Leave sheet
Salary sheet
Self Sheet (Form-16)
Student Assessment Sheet etc.… ..
To get more information about this we have provided you some links below which will make it much easier for you to understand.