SBI warns people! Don’t do this by mistake otherwise millions of customers will be harmed

SBI warns people: SBI has warned consumers by tweeting. “Consumers are urged to be cautious on social media and not be fooled by any misleading and fake messages,” SBI said. If you do not pay attention to this, your account will be empty.Screenshot 227


SBI customer can check the balance
Let me tell you that to know the balance of SBI, you have to make a missed call to the toll-free number ‘9223766666’ from your registered mobile number. To know the balance from SMS, send ‘BAL’ to SMS 09223766666.

Do not give out personal information to anyone
Do not give personal bank information to anyone, doing so will empty your account. Never share your card number, account number or OTP with anyone.

The bank does the alert
Let me tell you, the biggest bank keeps issuing alerts from time to time for the safety of the customers. SBI aims to protect customers’ money.

The system launched on January 1
State Bank of India has been given a new system for check payment from January 1, 2021. For transactions above Rs 50,000 under this system, cross verification will be required.

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