School Bag Policy Update news report

School Bag Policy Update news report

School – Bag Policy 2020: Homework, Secondary, and Higher Secondary will not be given to students up to 2nd standard. Homework will be given for 2 hours per day. 3 hours ago. In the same order, ‘Schoolbag Policy 2020’ has been announced by the Union Ministry of Education.

This circular prepared by the Ministry of Education and Education of the school has made a number of important suggestions ranging from the weight of school-bags of students of different classes of the school to covering the maximum part of the syllabus in the classrooms and giving homework.

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‘School-Bag Policy 2020’ was announced on December 3. According to the policy ‘School-Bag Policy 2020’ announced by the Ministry on December 3, 2020, provision has been made in schools not to give any kind of homework to students up to the second standard. It is also suggested to give a maximum of 2 hours of homework per week to students from 3rd standard to 5th standard. This is also stated in the circular. That student should pay attention to study hours when planning the course, combining both face-to-face and self-study or homework. According to the circular, the need for this will increase as students move to higher secondary classes. Duration of homework for middle classes of the school According to the policy of the Ministry of Education, a maximum of one hour of homework should be given to students in middle classes i.e. standard 6 to 8 in the school. Thus the duration of homework per week should not exceed 5 or 6 hours. While the policy document should not give more than 2 hours of homework per day for secondary and higher secondary classes, which is equal to 10 to 12 hours weekly. For this, teachers have to plan according to the reduced hours of homework.

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