School Health – Benefits of the National Child Health Program

School Health – Benefits of the National Child Health Program

The child is the future of the country. Therefore, every country has various plans for its children. Attention is paid to matters like education, health, health, physical training of children, hence many schemes for children in India are made by Government of India and State Governments, such as Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana, Vidhyadeep Yojana, Atal Sneh Yojana, Vhali Dikari. Many schemes like Yojana are implemented especially for children only. Today we are going to talk about a plan for children’s health, for children studying in schools in India. So let’s find out what this plan is.

School health - benefits of the national child health program
School Health – Benefits of the National Child Health Program

What is a School Health Checkup Plan?

School Health Check – is a national child health program. This is an important plan created to help children with health check-ups, treatment and other health benefits. The scheme covers children studying in all schools of India. In a way, this plan has been created by the Government of India for the health care and care of the children of India. That is why this scheme covers all the children studying in every state, district, taluka, village, school all over India.

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School Health – Benefits of the National Child Health Program

The scheme covers all children from newborn to 18 years. In which they are examined every year. If any ailment or disease is detected during their examination, its complete treatment is done by the government free of cost. This is not a normal thing. Millions of children are studying across the country. Taking care of them, examining them, treating any ailment during any kind of physical examination is a very laborious and financially demanding task..

  • The plan provides free health check-ups and treatment.
  • Reference service is also provided in case of any health problem.
  • Distributed free of charge. If a child finds an eye number during a health check-up, it is given free of cost.
  • Treatment for serious ailments like heart, kidney and cancer including kidney transplant is provided free of cost.
  • Congenital defects such as cleft lip, liver transplant, cleft palate, clubbut, congenital deafness are also treated, and all types of treatment are free of charge. Not only this, during this treatment one person living with the child is also provided free meals.
  • Juvenile, diabetes and epilepsy are also treated free of charge.
  • If a child is found to be mentally ill, it is also treated free of cost.
  • In the above list you see that if a child has eye defect or heart disease, liver transplant or kidney transplant or the child has a terrible and serious disease like cancer then all the treatment is provided free of cost by the government.
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Where do the benefits come from?

School Health – The benefits of the National Child Health Program are available in all government hospitals, primary health centers, public health centers, urban health centers and general hospitals. You do not need any proof of income or other proof to avail this scheme, a reference card is issued by the school. This card is the only treatment given.


How to avail benefits?

Health check-ups and treatments are done by the health team under the school health program. If further treatment is required they refer the CHC / hospital for referral service. The reference card is issued by the medical officer. If the medical officer finds out that the child has a serious illness, he will make a card to the district general hospital referring to a major health service like Ahmedabad Civil. With this you have to go to the hospital at the given time where you are treated free of cost.

Thus, the benefits of the School Health – National Child Health Program reach out to every child and this plan has been implemented to save the health of future children of India.

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