school will be opened 21th september

school will be opened 21th september:School will open from September 21, SOP announced.

The Union Ministry of Health has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for partial commencement of studies from standard 9 to 12.


school will be opened 21th september
school will be opened 21th september

Students from Std-9 to Std-12 will be able to go to school with parental permission, the gym will open but swimming pool and sports activity will be banned.

Teachers, students and school staff must maintain a distance of 6 feet. Have to wash hands constantly, wear face cover

What are the rules to follow?

If the child goes to school, he has to take care of some things. See more details.
Guidelines are issued by the Central Health Ministries for classes 9 to 12 p.m. New SPP Accordingly, students can study through your teachers. But she has to go on switching, go to Tibu, no pressure from upper school.

Alternative arrangement of play contact less attendance in biometric honest place from the side of school management. In addition 6 feet of space can be seen and the floor can be prepared. In this way, the staff room, the sissy area (including the reception area), and other places (mess, library, cafeteria, etc.) will also happen to be in social distance.

school will be opened 21th september

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Strictly stop messing around at school assemblies, sports and other events as well. In any school situation you should have a display on the board including the state help plane number of teachers / class / staff and the number of local health workers.

For air-conditioning and ventilation, the temperature adjustment of all air-conditioning devices should be in the range of 24-30 C. In addition the relative humidity (relative humidity) should be in the range of 40-70%. The classroom has fresh air.

The gymnasium of the schools also provided training in the complete guidance of the health residence. Also the swimming pool is not happy. This has been closed before.

Used before students’ taxes. But there are regular definitions attached. Adherence to the accuracy of social distance in school and in the classroom. Students do not sit in a row as before. Sharing of notebooks, pencils, erasers, water bottles etc. between the pictures is not allowed.

Make their supply complete

Personal protection items choice covers, masks, head sanitizers etc. are the backup stock location. Yes Sari Cheese Management will be available for teachers and employees. The education editor wears a period mask of himself and the administrators of the students’ education / study activities.

Necessary supply of thermal gun, alcohol wipes or 1% slimium hypochlorite solution and disposable paper towel, soap, eye sick material for investigation of covid. The law of pulse oximeter is used to check the oxygen level of any diseased person. The minimum cover of school administration comes from the availability of dustbin and chhara disbe.

Contribute to all school spaces or open spaces. Also, arrange for a 6-foot seating arrangement between chairs, desktops, etc. in the school. Prepare a time slot for sanitation in the school.