shikhava shikhavvani prakriya | Adhyayan nishpatio | abhyas bindu

shikhava shikhavvani prakriya | Adhyayan nishpatio | abayas Bindu: Apart from this, another important thing in school education is the language level. In the new education policy, 3 language formulas have been talked about, in which the education of mother tongue / local language up to class five is talked about.

shikhava shikhavvani prakriya
shikhava shikhavvani prakriya

It has also been said that this process should be adopted up to class 8 where possible. Along with Sanskrit, the emphasis has also been placed on studying Indian languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Adhyayan Nishpatti is also a superb content for all.Jodni special rules  for all available here.

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What did Union Minister Nishank say about opening CBSE examinations and school-collegesIf you want schools in the second section then you can give a foreign language also as an option.Some experts are telling the agenda of RSS. People are also asking that if the child of South India comes to Delhi, he will read in Hindi, then how will he read?

shikhava shikhavvani prakriya:But it is not written anywhere in the 3 language formula that it will be binding on the state governments to do so. It is also not that children will not be able to read English. The only thing in this is that out of three languages, two languages ​​should be Indian. Where books are not available in the mother tongue, it has also been proposed to print books in the mother tongue.

shikhava shikhavvani prakriya for all primary student The third thing in school education is the change in board exam. In the last 10 years, many changes were made in the board exam. Sometimes the 10th exam was optional, sometimes grades were talked about instead of numbers.

But now the change in exam pattern has been done in the new education policy. There will be board exam, and now there will be twice. But coaching will not be required to pass them.

The format of the exam will be changed to ‘assess the abilities’ of the students and not their memory. The Center argues that the pressure on the numbers will end. The intention is to implement this change from the session 2022-23.

In addition to these board exams, state governments will also take examinations in classes 3, 5 and 8. To get these examinations done, the work of making guide lines will be entrusted to the new agency, which will work only under the Ministry of Education.