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Shiva is a Sanskrit word, meaning welfare or auspicious. In Yajurveda, Shiva is described as a pacifier. ‘Shi’ means one who destroys sins, while ‘Wa’ means one who gives.

What is Shivling … ??

Shiva has two bodies. One is to be expressed grossly, the other is to be known as the subtle latent gender. Shiva is most worshiped as a linga stone. There is a lot of confusion about the word gender. Gender in Sanskrit means sign. In this sense it is used for Shivling. Shivalinga means: Shiva, i.e. the sign of the Supreme Being coordinated with nature.

Shiva, Shankar, Mahadev …

Shiva’s name is associated with Shankar, people say – Shiva Shankar Bholenath. In this way, many people unknowingly refer to Shiva and Shankar as two names of the same power. In fact, the statues of the two are of different shapes. Shankara is always portrayed as an ascetic. In many places, Shankar is shown meditating on Shivling. Shiva has created three astral deities named Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Mahesh is also Shankar’s name) respectively for the establishment, cradle and destruction of creation. Thus Shiva became the creator of the universe and Shankara became one of his creations. That is why Lord Shiva is also called Mahadev. Apart from this, Shiva is also known and worshiped by 108 other names.


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Ardhanarishwar why … ???

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Shiva is also called Ardhanarishvara, it does not mean that Shiva is only half male or he does not have perfection. In fact, it is Shiva who is complete even though he is half. The basis and creator of this creation i.e. man and woman are the same forms of Shiva and Shakti. This world is governed and balanced by their union and creation. Both complement each other. Women are nature and men are men. Without nature man is useless and without man nature. The two have an interdependent relationship. Ardhanarishvara Shiva is the symbol of this reciprocity. The emphasis on the equality of men and women in modern times can be seen and understood in this form of Shiva. It shows that Shiva is able only when he is strong. In the absence of power, Shiva does not become ‘Shiva’ but ‘corpse’.

Why Nilakantha … ??

Desiring to get nectar, when the demons were churning with great passion and speed, a terrible poison called Calcutta came out of the sea. The fire of that poison started burning in ten directions. There was wailing in all the creatures. Sages, sages, human beings, Gandharvas and Yakshas, ​​including gods and demons, started burning with the heat of that poison. At the prayers of the gods, Lord Shiva prepared for poisoning. He filled the fierce poison in his palms and drank it remembering Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu takes care of the problems of his devotees. He stopped that poison in Shivaji’s throat (throat) and ended its effect. Due to the poison, the throat of Lord Shiva turned blue and he became famous in the world as Nilakantha.

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Bhole Baba

There is a story of a hunter in Shiva Purana. Once she was late in the woods. Then he decided to spend the night on a vine. He thought of a way to stay awake. He kept breaking all the leaves and throwing them down all night. According to legend, the leaves of the vine are very dear to Shiva. There was a Shivling just below the vine. Shiva was pleased to see the beloved leaves being offered on the Shivalinga, while the hunter did not realize his auspicious deed. He gave the gift of fulfilling his wish by giving darshan to the hunter. It is clear from the story how easily Shiva is pleased. Puranas are full of such stories and parables of Shiva’s glory.

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Shiva Swarup

The form of Lord Shiva is as bizarre as it is attractive. What Shiva wears also has broad meanings:

Braids: Shiva’s braids are a symbol of space.

Moon: The moon symbolizes the mind. Shiva’s mind is naive, pure, bright and awake like the moon.

Trinetra: Shiva has three eyes. That is why they are also called Trilochan. These eyes of Shiva symbolize Sattva, Raj, Tam (three virtues), past, present, future (three periods), heaven, death hell (three worlds).

Snake-eating: Violent creature like snake is under Shiva. The serpent is a tamoguni and destructive creature, which Shiva has kept under his control.

Trishul: Shiva has a deadly weapon in his hand. The trident destroys these three heats, physical, divine, spiritual.

Damru: Shiva has Damru in one hand, which he plays while performing Tandava dance. The sound of Damru is the form of Brahma.

Mundmala: Shiva has a mundamala around his neck, which symbolizes that Shiva has subdued death.

Bark: Shiva is wearing tiger skin on the body. The tiger is considered a symbol of violence and ego. This means that Shiva has suppressed violence and ego and suppressed it.

Ashes: Ashes are applied on the body of Shiva. Shivling is also anointed with ashes. The coating of ashes shows that this world is mortal.

Taurus: Shiva’s vehicle is Taurus i.e. bull. He is always Shiva

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