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Download SkySafari: Just hold your device in the sky and quickly find planets, constellations, satellites and millions of stars and sky objects in the sky. Full of interactive information and rich graphics, discover why SkySafari is your perfect celestial accessory under the night sky.


Ever wanted to know that 500 B.C. What does the sky look like in? What will happen in 2190? With SkySafari, you can simulate the night sky anywhere on earth for many years past or future! Bring meteor showers, comet approaches, transitions, conjunctions and other celestial events to life.


Rich graphics never seen before! See galaxies, constellations and more in amazing and vivid detail. Moreover, pictures of alternate constellations that will blow your mind.


Browsing the sky to see something? Check out tonight’s best feature, which tells you which objects tonight you will receive from the best perspective.


Raise your device in the sky and SkySafari will get stars, constellations, planets and more! Star charts are automatically updated with your real-time activities for the ultimate stargazing experience. Download SkySafari

Night Vision – Protect your vision after dark.

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Find the Sun, Moon or Mars from our extensive database and track the arrows in front of you to point them to specific locations in the sky. See stunning views of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets!

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