‘Solar storm’ will affect Earth orbit ‘Storm’ is moving at a speed of 16 lakh km per hour;

A powerful ‘solar storm’ is rapidly approaching the earth. The speed of this storm is 1.6 million (16 lakh) kilometers per hour which told may be estimated. The US space agency NASA said the speed could be increased. The storm could strike Earth at any time on Sunday or Monday.

According to the Spaceweather.com website, the storm could have a devastating effect on the Earth’s magnetic field. This can lead to different types of lighting in the night sky. This scene will be seen in the North or South Pole.

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The Earth’s outer atmosphere will heat up
According to scientists, this ‘solar storm’ can cause warming of the Earth’s outer atmosphere. This will have a direct effect on the satellite. At the same time, signals from GPS navigation, mobile phones and satellite TV can be weakened. The flow of current in the power lines can be accelerated, which will also cause the transmitter to stop. This will also have a direct impact on the flight of aircraft.


However, such a situation is unlikely to occur, as the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a shield against this. Solar storms have occurred before.
This was preceded by a solar storm in 1989. Quebec City in Canada was without power for about 12 hours. At that time people had to face great hardships.
A geomagnetic storm struck in 1859, destroying the telegraph network in Europe and the Americas.

Some operators said they also suffered an electric shock, while others claimed that some devices were working without batteries due to the storm. The light was so bright that in some parts of the United States, people could read newspapers at night.

Some questions and answers about solar storm ….
Question: How is a solar storm generated?
Answer: Basically, the sun is a sphere of various gases. Which contains 92.1% hydrogen and 7.8% helium gas. The sun has magnetic or magnetic processes going on, called the solar cycle.

Billions of tons of hot gas flares enter the Earth’s atmosphere during the solar cycle. At the same time, charged particles from the sun create magnetic storms in the Earth’s atmosphere. Which is called ‘Solar Storm’.

Question: How often does a solar storm occur?
A: According to scientists, solar storms occur every 11 years. Many storms can occur within a day in peak time. If we look at it this way, a solar storm may also come in a week. According to the current activities of the sun, the solar storm will reach its peak in 2024.

Question: To what extent can a solar storm cause havoc?
Ans: Solar storms collide with the earth from time to time. Sometimes we don’t even know it and the storm comes. At that time the sky is clear, there is no lighting and no noise. Solar storms often affect the Earth’s outer atmosphere, affecting satellites.

According to experts, a powerful solar storm can create many problems. This can cause 20 times more economic damage than even the most powerful storm.

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