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Srinivasan Ramanujan : There is such a thing in India, there is some such (divine) power (energy) which makes it different from the whole world, makes it different. Knowledge of any subject, any branch – If you try to find the root of science, the last point will pull you to India! Yes, this knowledge science is in pure complete Sanskrit language, even after not having knowledge of S, the knowers of English language have pushed the whole world into some dark alleys by interpreting it (?). Srinivasa ramanujan biography is also available in our other post.

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Whereas today there is a great need for srinivasa ramanujan contribution to mathematics for this basic, pure knowledge of India when the world is facing many difficulties. Today we are going to know a shining Indian star of this knowledge science, about which you will get online or offline information today, but the Indian who has gone by searching or telling (this is what today’s people and scholars say.Srinivasa raanujan education details in this detailed brief.

The Indian i.e. Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan says that he did not discover this knowledge, the goddess used to come and tell him again! Again like Vedas by inhuman grace! Just like Vedas are not human creation, in the same way) He still has a lot of power to understand properly. Have fewer humans.contribution of srinivasa ramanujan for science and technology.

It is like that by feeding the mind a little bit and making its kulfi! So you try to understand as much as we can understand.

Suppose you have nothing! ie 0 ! Now distribute this ‘you have nothing’ to you !!! What ? Did this come out of your mouth? Don’t feel bad! The answer to this ludicrous question is even more ludicrous than that which Srinivasa Ramanujan has discovered! By the way, if we run 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 plus minuses , we can’t even count without kelsi in the equation, so what to do with 0’s brother? This Indian broke this 0 too! So if you are a man worthy of respect!

Every answer of his maths has become ‘astonishing and beyond the mind’s imagination’ today. Just think what is ‘infinite’? Your mind will spin! Today we are going to talk about Srinivasan Ramanujan, who is looking for answers that lift the mind of these mind-twisting questions.

Simple notes by Srinivasa Ramanujan

Name ; srinivasa ramanujan
Born : 22/12/1986
Father: Srinivasa Iyengar
Mother : tendernammal
Birthplace : Chennai (Village named Irade, near Coimbatore)
Education: Cambridge School
Contribution : Mathematics

life tableau

We begin this article of Srinivasa Ramanujan with the beginning of his life. Srinivasa Ramanujan was born in a typical Indian family. His childhood was mainly spent in Kumbakonam. By the way, this child born in a normal family was not at all like normal children. By the age of three, he had not even learned to speak properly.

The family members had doubts whether this boy is dumb or not, brother? After years, he was not at all interested in elementary education. Yes, he got the highest marks in the entire district in the preliminary examination. Although his favorite subject was mathematics. With the passage of time, he started showing his skills on the teachers. He was friends with everyone.

how did ramanujan died ?

Later got Subramaniam Scholarship in English and Mathematics. With the help of which they became eligible to take the college examination. But there was a problem. A scholar of Mathematics and English used to throw dandiyas in the rest of the subject. As a result, he could not pass in every subject except mathematics. Scholarship has stopped! This was a very difficult time. To run his gambling, he started giving mathematics tuitions. Finally, in 1907, he took the examination as a private student of class XII and the result failed, and with that the traditional examinations came to an end!

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End of formal education, new beginning

Sometimes it seems that it is just a slow end, but sometimes this slow end is the beginning of a very big beginning. As soon as Ramanujan’s formal education ended, in a way his struggling life began which led him to become the great Srinivasa Ramanujan. However, during that time life test took him properly. Life exams are completely different from school exams.

Ramanujan also had to go through this. The vast India itself was also in the chains of slavery. Poverty, helplessness was spread all around. Ramanujan had the same thing. No job, no work experience for the job! But his devotion to God and mathematics made him spend this difficult time. He continued to conduct research in mathematics. Five rupees per month was available from tuition. By which his work was going on. To maintain and do his research work, he had to wander here and there and many people had to beg him.

Marriage and maths (lifetime stuck in confusion)

Like every human, Srinivasan Ramanujan’s parents got him married in 1990 to a girl named Janaki. Now it became difficult for him to immerse himself in mathematics research. He moved to Chennai in search of work. Now who will give job to 12th fail? Meanwhile, due to his illness, he had to go back to Kumbakonam. After getting fit, he came back to Chennai and then started looking for a job. Now pay attention to one thing. Whenever he found someone to work, he would show them a register.

In which he used to show the formulas of mathematics and the work done in mathematics. Consider the condition of this math scholar. His condition was so strange that after writing on the same page with a blue pen, he used to write on it with a pen of another color. So that the same page can be used twice. Everyone sees the register, but one who understands must also be found, right? In the meantime, at the behest of someone, he went to the Deputy Collector Shri V. Ramaswamy met Iyer. He was a right human.

He was very much impressed by this research work in mathematics. Got a scholarship of ₹ 25 a month from the District Magistrate Shri Ramachandra Rao! This is the turning point from where a new beginning of his life took place. On the basis of this scholarship, Srinivasa Ramanujan published his first research paper. After a year got a job as a clerk in the port. Just now he got time for mathematics and he kept on working on new formulas … and from this new dimensions of mathematics also started.

Professor Hardy and Ramanujan |what is hardy ramanujan number

what is hardy ramanujan number :Ramanujan came in contact with Professor Hardy because of Professor Seshu Iyer. It was only between Hardy and Ramanujan that a different dimension of discussion about mathematics began. This marked the beginning of a new era in his life, which we remember today. Yes, we know very little about the early life span.

Professor Hardy had assessed the scholar mathematician at that time. Some got 35 marks out of 100, some got 50 but Ramanujan got 100 out of 100 – what is hardy ramanujan number.

In the beginning even Professor Hardy could not understand his actions. He said that Srinavas Ramanujan is a rare and infinite personality in the field of mathematics. He should come to England to do his work and research and Ramanujan’s ticket to go to Britain was confirmed. Anyway, the condition of scholarship in India is not worth telling even today!

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research work in britain

Due to Professor Hardy, Srinavas Ramanujan made his footsteps in Britain. Here he published research works of a high order. Due to this work, Cambridge gave him B.A. degree awarded. However, his knowledge was far ahead of that title. The only problem was that the climate of Britain was different from the climate of India. Which did not suit Ramanujan.

The doctor later diagnosed caries. At that time this disease was incurable. At that time the patient of tuberculosis had to stay in the sanatorium. Ramanujan also remained, even there he continued to write mathematical formulas. Later he was given a member of the Royal Society. Getting this member post for a black person was said to be a big deal at that time.


Ramanujan came to India. But health did not favor him. The disease was getting serious. Still in this stage he wrote a high level paper on Mock theta function. Just this disease finally merged him in the land on 26 April 1920.

Mathematical World of Srinivasan Ramanujan

What Ramanujan did in mathematics was no less than magic. His work is still being used in many fields today. His register was found at Trinity College which was about 100 pages. It remains a mystery to this day. Which was later published by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai under the name of Ramanujan’s Knot.

He used to write sutras even in the middle of the night. Throughout his life, he had compiled as many as 3884 theorems. He devoted his whole life to understand the void and the infinite. But in the end

he himself says that he has got this knowledge from the grace of Namagiri Devi. He also considered mathematics as a spiritual part. He used to say, ‘There is no meaning for me in a mathematical formula that does not give me spiritual ideas. He made substantial contributions to the analytic theory of numbers and worked on elliptic functions, continuous fractions and infinite series.

In 1900, he began working on his own on the sum mathematics of geometric and arithmetic series. Also found his own method for solving the quartic. The following year he tried (and of course failed) to solve Quintic. Even though he did not know that it was impossible.

who is srinivasa ramanujan

He examined the series \sum (\large\frac{1}{n}\normalsize )∑(n1​)  and reviewed the calculation of Euler’s constant up to  15 decimal places. He began to study Bernoulli numbers, although this was entirely his own independent discovery.

When he was 15, he obtained a copy of George Shoebridge Carr’s Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2 vol. (1880-86). This collection of thousands of theorems, many of which were presented with only brief proofs and had no new material since 1860, sparked his genius. After verifying the results in Carr’s book, Ramanujan went beyond this, developing his own theorems and ideas.

Ramanujan’s knowledge of mathematics (most of which he worked on himself) was astounding. Although he was almost completely unaware of modern developments in mathematics, his mastery of continued fractions was unparalleled by any living mathematician. He worked on Riemann series, elliptic integrals, hypergeometric series, functional equations of the zeta function, and his theory of discrete series, in which he found a value for the sum of such series using a technique he invented.

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This is called Ramanujan Yoga. On the other hand, he knew nothing about double periodic functions, the classical theory of quadratic forms, or Cauchy’s theorem, and had only the vaguest idea of ​​what constitutes a mathematical proof. Although brilliant, many of his theorems on the theory of prime numbers were wrong.

Ramanujan number | what is ramanujan number | Why is 1729 called Ramanujan number?

what is ramanujan number? & Why is 1729 called Ramanujan number? : The number 1729 is called Ramanujan number. It is a number that can be written as the sum of the cubes of two numbers. There are very few other numbers that have this kind of property.
The sum of two cubic numbers, the natural number that can be expressed in two ways, is known by the name Ramanujan number. Like We Said – 1729 so Why is 1729 called Ramanujan number?

10^3+9^3 = 12^3 +1^3= 1729

10^3 + 27^3 = 19^3 + 24^3 = 20683

The Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan had first expressed its importance in 1919 after seeing the car number 1729 of the prolific foreign mathematician Prof. Hardy, who had come to inquire about his illness. 4104, 20683, 39312, 40033 are some more Ramanujan numbers.

That’s why people are still trying to understand this math and the magic of infinity and zero.

Some questions and answers ( FAQ ) of Srinavas Ramanujan

Where was Srinivasa Ramanujan educated?

At the age of 15, Srinivasa Ramanujan received a mathematics book containing thousands of theorems, which he verified and from which he developed his ideas. In 1903 he briefly attended the University of Madras. In 1914 he met the British mathematician G.H. Hardy.

02 What was the contribution of Srinivasa Ramanujan? and Why is 1729 called Ramanujan number?

The Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan made contributions to the theory of numbers, including the pioneering discovery of the properties of the division function. His papers were published in English and European journals, and in 1918 he was elected to the Royal Society of London.

03 What is Srinivasa Ramanujan remembered for?

Worked on Riemann series, elliptic integrals, hypergeometric series, functional equations of the zeta function, and his theory of discrete series, in which he found a value for the sum of such series using a technique he had invented .


Ramanujan’s body ended, but the search for the infinite which he spoke of continues even today. In the field of mathematics, Srinavas Ramanujan is that sign which takes you on the journey of infinity by crossing the time period.

A film on Ramanujan is also coming. We do not know how the film will be or how it will be, but Srinivasa Ramanujan is the record of mathematics which will always be invincible. With a lot of homage to Srinivasa Ramanujan, we end this trivial article dedicated to that great mathematician. If you have any more information or suggestions, please do share with us! Until then, all with std10.net!

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