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GSEB STD 2 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO FOR STUDENT : Standard 2 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEOS and homework. Std 2 or dhoran 2 is the year when Kid actually enjoys school because he is used to going to the school everyday and he may have made some friends and know all the other students.

In standard 2 student is actually familiar with the teachers and not so much shy anymore. So as a result they actually enjoys the time of school. But since the Covid situation all the kids are forced to be at home and as a result the learning process of that kid has stopped.

Since the familiar teachers are very sensitive subject in std 2 students life, the home learning can be difficult at a time because the student of that age can not accept the knowledge from the unknown teachers. To resolve this problem all the parents should talk to their child and make a habit of sitting down with them while attending lectures from E classes and home learning videos.


Dhoran 2 / Standard 2 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO MONTH –  June 2021

Teachers from sarva shiksha abhiyan understand this difficulty of students being not interested in online classes and constantly getting distracted. So they have prepared the home learning videos for dhoran 2 or standard 2 in a way that student can enjoy it.

In between the videos teachers also asks some rhetorical questions so that student of 2nd std can be interested in the lectures.

ધોરણ-2 ગણિત


Download / Watch Home learning Videos of std 2teachers of gujarat is very admirable. If you have any doubt and if you are concerned about the future of your kid being ruined because of this school shut down then you shouldn’t worry because the Home learning videos is all you need.

How to watch Home learning videos from www.ssagujarat.org ?

www.ssagujarat.org is the portal where the home learning videos are being uploaded. They have very tight schedule and videos are being uploaded right on time so that students can not miss out on anything.

To download / Watch Home learning videos of std 2,

  • First of all open the official website www.ssagujarat.org link.
  • Now find the square image named home learning from the homepage of the site.
  • Find the std 2 column and today’s date row and you will see the videos and study materials for dhoran 2 home learning.
  • Keep watching the videos and also learn from books and study materials available on ssagujarat.org.

If you have any questions about the videos and process you can always ask us through the comment section below.

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