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Home learning and virtual classes made the student’s life easier in this pandemic situation. This videos are quite interesting to watch even for the parents because it is made in such a way that your kid will enjoy it.

The biggest problem student is facing in virtual and online learning from home learning  is distraction. The another big issue is losing interest in studies. When students of the std 3 age has mobile in their hands they just want to play games and use social media sites.

As a remedy of that problem parents have to take one step further and should talk about it with their children. Early morning meditation can help students of dhoran 3 in concentration. The interest can only be occurred when kid knows what he wants to become in the future.

Standard 3 home learning all video

We put daily home learning video of std 3 to 12 for student free. so please visit our site daily and get well high educated education from best teachers. there is no cost of video to see.

Std 3 / Dhoran 3 Home Learning Videos & Homework 

The home learning means learning from home. But std 3 students needs the school environment to actually learn something. In this situation of covid the schools are shut down for uncertain time and kids are actually enjoying it but as a parents and teachers we all know that this is bad for their future.

So as a parent you should sit with the student while they are attending the lectures from this home learning videos. If you have facilities then you should isolate student for the duration of the lecture so they would feel like the school and can concentrate.

Here i have listed all the home learning videos from SSA Gujarat portal. If you don’t know how to watch it directly from the portal then you can just click on below given link of the videos.

Home Learning Videos of Std 3 from www.ssagujarat.org


ધોરણ-3 પર્યાવરણ 9-2-2022

Homework and Study from home materials for std 3 students of GSEB Gujarat Board

The Teachers and the team of SSA Gujarat is also making the study materials for the students so they can do the activity and studies at home after the lecture.

This homework is only available in pdf file but i recommend you to download the pdf and print it on a paper so that the kid of the age of dhoran 3 would not get distracted. If you print out the homework from the pdf then student actually have to do it in the book.

The another thing is, homework of std 3 home learning is available at ssa gujarat portal.
To Download this homework files, you have to open www.ssagujarat.org.

Once you open the portal go to the home learning section and then you will see the section named “Study from Home weekly Schedule”.

Download the pdf files of std 3 and week 7 from that table and you will get pdf files of homeworks and study from home materials and schedules.

For More information or any kind of queries comment below or ask us through contact us section of std10.net.

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