Standard 7 Home Learning All Videos : Std 7 Homework

Standard 7 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO: Because of this corona situation, all the studies from nursery to graduation has become online. Even if you are not the guardian of the student, it is interesting to see how effective online education is for the student. You can see how the world of education and teaching is changing.

The Home learning videos are part of this online education system. Here we have uploaded all the standard 7 home learning videos. This videos are very effective in teaching various subjects to the student.

In this std-7 home learning video, student will feel like teacher is monitoring the students personally. If you are standard 7 student and studying gseb board then you must watch this home learning classes daily.



Now when the school or college opens and again when the offline i.e. the student goes to school or college and gets real education, he will have become a true 21st century student.

Here is the list of all the home learning videos that you has been uploaded on the official website and youtube channel of gseb and If you are not familiar with this portals then you can check videos below.

HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO MONTH – home learning video dhoran 7

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The ssa gujarat portal is the official portal where all the home learning videos of dhoran 7 is being uploaded.

The website is very easy to access and its easy to find home learning videos of standard 7 in the portal. In this online classes of Gseb board student don’t have to accept the answers of the question as per books, they can do their own research now because its all online. The teachers in this home learning videos are also very good and attractive like co-operative executives.

Standard 7 Home Work Of GSEB Board

GSEB standard 7 Home work is also the part of this video lectures. Student have to do the homework if they want to study online. The lectures without homework is only 60% effective as per research.

So if you are parent or guardian and your kid is attending this home learning videos online daily, you should also make sure that they are doing home work also from

To find the homework, go to the Then find the home learning videos section. Now scroll down a little and you will find the pdfs of homeworks there.