std 1 ane 2 time table home learning

std 1 ane 2 time table home learning :In many government schools, the first-second class is put together. However, experts and academics say that children of both these classes should be seated separately. The learning of first grade children is affected by sitting together. It also has an effect on their confidence because children in the second grade answer earlier than children in the first grade.

std 1 ane 2 time table home learning
std 1 ane 2 time table home learning

In such a situation, the children of the first grade who are trying to make their understanding right now get a chance to try less. At the same time, teachers are not able to reach every child of the first grade, which is very important for children of this level. On this issue\, who has a good hold on the issue of teaching first-second grade children how to read and write in Hindi language.

So read the key parts of this conversation which will definitely help you in solving practical problems encountered in the classroom.


The first-second class is taught sitting together. But there is not much difference in the level of learning of the two classes. In such a way, how to manage both classes? In response to this question, Jitendra says, “The first priority should be to teach the first class separately. So that attention can be paid to the children coming to school for the first time. We have accurate information about the learning situation of every child. Where to support them, they will also get information from close observation of children. ”

Things to keep in mind when teaching quantities
He goes on to say, “What can be done in case there is not much difference in the level of learning of the second grade and the first grade.” So the answer is that while teaching quantities to first grade children, second grade children can also be included. Because older children learn the characters easily. They have special difficulty in identifying the quantities and reading them by applying the quantities with the letters. In this way, first-second classes can be managed simultaneously. ”

At the same time warn that in any situation the number of children should not exceed 25-30, because in such a situation the teacher will not be able to manage the class and the attention of the children will go towards everything other than studies.

What precautions should be taken while teaching quantity? In response to this question, he says, “First of all we should tell the symbol, then its sound (sound), then after that children should tell about how to use the quantities with the characters. And children should be given ample opportunity to practice it. So that they can make their understanding stronger. ” After this, by adding the rest of the characters in a particular order by the order of the characters, the children should be given the chance to repeat the letters by creating new words and practicing the quantities using the quantities in those words.

Children get plenty of practice
This kind of practice should be done continuously so that the children get so much practice that immediately after seeing the quantity symbol with the letter, they can quickly guess how it will be spoken. They say that it takes time for the children to come here, the children who reach here by rote stay for a while, but they have a lower reading speed than the children who understand.