std 10 & 12 exam fee declared

std 10 & 12 exam fee declared: If a child can take the form of a god after his parents, he is his guru. A teacher only teaches a child. He is his guide. It is a matter of great pride for anyone to be a teacher. If you want to become a teacher but you do not know about how to become a teacher, what it takes to become a teacher, how to do B.Ed., what happens with B.Ed, etc. Today we will tell you from this article. After B.Ed, we will tell you the complete information about all the other opportunities that you have.

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B.Ed. What happens by doing
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Realizing the importance of education, one has to obtain a special degree in India to do teaching work, which is a B.Ed. it is said. If you want to become a teacher in a government school, then you have B.Ed. It is necessary to have a degree of. And now the government has announced that by the year 2019, whether it is a government teacher or private, everyone must have a B. Ed degree. The B.Ed. is a 2-year undergraduate course. To do B.Ed., you have to focus on education, culture and human values, educational psychology, educational evaluation, education philosophy etc. If you do B.Ed then you are ready to do the teaching work. If you have a B.Ed. If not done then you cannot work as a teacher.

Qualification for B.Ed.
Minimum qualification course required for admission to B.Ed. Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and other graduates, who have done at least 50% marks from a recognized Board / University Ho.

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How to do B.Ed.
The first thing that comes to the mind of the candidates is how to do B. Ed. So we tell you that to do B.Ed. you have to take an entrance exam first. After that, in a counseling, candidates get colleges according to their rank. There are many private and government colleges to do B.Ed. Do B.Ed from a government recognized college. If you want to do B.Ed. then you should do it from a government college because it will save your money too. These examinations are generally conducted in the month of June-July. And it includes questions about English, general knowledge, experimentation, basic arithmetic learning ability and a vernacular in some states. The results of these exams usually come up till July / August. Candidates go through practical training courses in addition to theory classes.

B ad subjects list std 10
If you are wondering what you need to study in B.Ed. then let us tell you what your subjects will be in B. Ed. Candidates can see B.Ed Subjects List below.