Std 4 ekam kasoti Model Paper

DOWNLOAD Std 4 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020:Board exam is about to begin. Board exams are very important in student life. For which every student prepares with great effort. The same students who are going to take the board examination also need to keep some things in mind. If you want to get good numbers in the exam then read these things.

DOWNLOAD Std 4 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020
DOWNLOAD Std 4 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020

– As soon as the question paper is in hand, first read the paper carefully. After which write the answer to the question to which you come first.

– Some such questions are asked in the exam, which have to be answered in short words. If you have a theory paper, you should see how many numbers are there and write the answers accordingly. Keep in mind when writing an answer, don’t forget overwriting.

– Let me tell you, there is a way to write an answer. The more clear and accurate you answer. You can get those good numbers.


It is often seen that there are many such 6 people who give answers to the question that give a long answer to the question, whereas on the basis of which the question is based, forget to see if a question is a short answer. But giving a big answer to this, our marks will not come much. In this case, read the paper carefully.

– “It is compulsory to solve all the questions” or “All Question Answer is Compulsory” is written above the question paper. Which means that you have to do all the questions given in the question paper. So, do not leave any question by mistake.

– Enter the serial number of the questions right there. If you lower any number upwards, the examiner can cut your number.

– If there is some space left in the last page of the page while writing, then answer the new question from the new page. On the demand of the sheet, you will get it from the examination center.

If needed, you can also make pictures and diagrams while answering.

– Let me tell you, if you get any answer and diagram wrong, then draw a straight line and cut it. Do not cut too much.