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Std. 5 adhyayan nishapti

Std. 5 adhyayan nishapti

We are learning about study outcomes. After Std. 3 and Std. 4, now we will get information about Std. 5 !

Std. 5 Gujarati adhyayan nishapti

After learning Gujarati including reading in Std. 3 and elementary grammar in Std. 4, now the child is trying to understand stories, poems, plays, descriptions, conversations in Std. Can understand dialogues. Games, activities, projects. Understands the original purpose from timetables, maps, symbols and written material. Reads and understands children’s literature and regional literature. Understand the main idea of ​​various creations. A standard 5 child is expected to understand about 200 words. Curiosity leads to asking motivating questions. The word picture is understood. Whoever understands can write it. Puzzles are used to describe questions. Can write local dialect words in pure Gujarati. It is written. Reading advertisements and bulletin boards.

It has been insisted that in Std. 5, the child should go further and understand the board, bus planks and instructions coming out of the school.


Std. 5 Mathematics Study Conclusion

In standard 5, a child works with a number greater than 10,000. The child is expected to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers up to one crore. Calculated on the basis of place value. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Solve practical puzzles of fractions. Knows about the corners. Also knows about the corners in the surrounding environment. Knows about unit like weight and resonance and uses it in solving puzzles. Solve money, length weight based puzzles. Knows about triangles. Gets basic information about graphs. Learn to get information from the table. Knows intricate mathematical operations like finding the given factor of a given number.

Various study findings have been given for the child to perform more narrow mathematical operations in Std. There is no doubt that this can be achieved only through effective implementation.


Std. 5 Environment (aaspas) adhyayan nishapti

This topic is included so that the child knows about the nature outside of his surroundings. In Std. 5, a child learns about the unusual qualities and abilities of animals and birds. In which he knows about many qualities like sight, smell, power, sleep and sound. Get information about different land regions, climate and place specific information, life there, culture there. The child learns things like discrimination between animals, relationships between them, interdependence. The child learns to draw conclusions based on observation and experience. The child becomes aware of the need of daily life, use of technology. Knows about hygiene and health maintenance. Gets information about the state, land territories and their civilization. The child is expected to go beyond his own environment and learn about the environment of other lands.


Std. 5 English adhyayan nishapti

As we mentioned in the previous article, learning English has become a craze rather than a necessity. If you want to put a child in English medium today, you will find English medium schools even in the smallest city in Gujarat. In a way, this is called a harsh attack on the mother tongue, but today it is called modern development in Thawki language. This is because in primary schools, efforts should be made for the child to master the mother tongue. Because the child who becomes proficient in the mother tongue is actually destroying his childhood and his abilities. Only a child who is proficient in his mother tongue can develop further. However, English is also taught in Std. 5 in primary school today. Now this child, who is still barely speaking and reading Gujarati, is burdened with English. Now the emphasis is on teaching more English subject in Std. In Std. 5, the child introduces his family, introduces his family, gets information about short story, short instructions, interpretation of the story, greetings, response, personal introduction, dialogue as per instructions, wh wh. There is more emphasis on the child learning English in Std.5 

Std. 5 Hindi adhyayan nishapti

Hindi is our national language and we need to know it. Like we talked about before After the child learns the mother tongue, one should try to teach the national language Hindi. All the languages ​​of India are basically made up of Sanskrit. So everyone has a kind of similarity. So if you know Gujarati then you can know Hindi very easily. But in our country, parents who are obsessed with teaching English to children who do not even know Gujarati fluently have shifted. Which is called a kind of fall! Standard 8 also comes in English but not Hindi! However, if necessary, Hindi will come after Std. 5 and then English will come! However, English comes from Std. However, now let’s talk about Hindi coming in Std. It is expected that the child will recognize Hindi script sign in Std. 5, the difference between mother tongue and Hindi, Hindi reading, writing, transcribing and audible writing will be done by the child. After achieving this, it is expected that the child in Std. 8 will know about the familiar words, sentences, things in Hindi. Songs, stories and plays are also expected to make the child understand. Jokes and riddles in Hindi language are expected to be understood by the child. It is expected that a child between the ages of 21 and 30 will learn to speak and write in Hindi. The child is expected to organize the words according to the dictionary. Based on the picture, the child is expected to write a sentence in Hindi. Now the child is expected to learn a little grammar in Std. Knowing and learning about gender change, promise change, adjective is expected. In short, a child is now expected to understand and learn grammar rather than just write and speak Hindi.

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