STD 5 PLAY DAILY MCQ QUIZ 2020 {WORKING}:There are many topics given here. You can play Quiz by clicking on these. These quizzes will help you increase your general study knowledge. All these questions are required for UPSC, SSC, Railway, NDA, RAS, BPSC, JPSC, UPPSC, CDS and Banking exams.

સર્ટીફીકેટ માટે નામ ફરીજીયાત અંગ્રેજીમાં લખવું

તમારું નામ
તમારો મોબાઇલ નંબર
સાધુએ મોચીના ઓજારો સોનાના શાના વડે બનાવ્યાં ?
સાધુએ ખુશ થઈને મોચીના ઓજારો કેવા બનાવ્યાં ?
સમીર કેવો છે ?
'વિભુ' શબ્દનો અર્થ શો છે ?
પૃથ્વી પરની બધીજ વસ્તુઓને સુંદર કોણે બનાવી છે ?
આકાશમાં શું શું સુંદર દેખાય છે?
ધરતી કેવી છે ?
નીચેના શબ્દમાંથી વિભુ શબ્દનો સમાનાર્થી શબ્દ નથી.
કાવ્યમાં રાત માટે કયો શબ્દ વપરાયો છે ?
પર્વત માટે કાવ્યમાં કયો શબ્દ વપરાયો છે ?

I have tried to compile quiz related to GK as well as Current Affairs in it so that you can always stay updated. I will try to put more than 10 thousand questions in front of you but it is not an easy task so it will take some time. Help will also be sought from important books like Lucent etc.

STD10.Net Quiz

STD10.Net Quiz

Many questions of Samanya Adhyan like Economics, Political Science, History, Science, Geography, Sports etc. will be compiled on this page. Samanya Gyan  Bharat Ke Itihas (History of India), Bharatiya Rajvyavastha (Indian Polity), Bharatiya Arthvyavastha (Indian Economy), Samanya Bhoogol (Geography), Vishv Ka Bhoogol (World Geography), Bhartiya Kala evem Sanskrit, Samsamayik Ghatnkaram, Bharat Ka Bhoogol (Indian Geography), Physics, Rasayan Vigyan (Chemistry), Jeev Vigyan (Biology), Vaigyanik aur Prodhogik Vikas, Paryavaran Vigyan (Environmental Science), Antarashtriya Sansthan (Internal Organizations) Khel-Kud (Sports Related) Vividh (Miscellaneous) ) Will cover. The pattern of the question will be vastunisth / objective.

A very large area covered with trees and shrubs is popularly called a forest. According to international conventions, every country should have forests in about 33% of the area, but only 26.6% of the world’s land area is forested. Here, we are giving 10 questions based on Indian forests and their answers for general awareness.

All the candidates are also required to have a photo ID card with their number mentioned in the e-admission card to appear in each session of the examination. If the photograph on the e-Admission Card is not clear, vague or available, the candidates have to keep two (2) identical photographs (one photograph for each session) with the photo ID card and a printout of the e-Admission Card. Guaranteed to attend the exam at the exam venue.