Std 6 ekam kasoti Model Paper

DOWNLOAD Std 6 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020:All these words often convey the same meaning.
In such questions, only the candidate is expected to convey the information related to the question in simple language.
Questions with descriptions and descriptions have more scope for facts, while ‘Explain’, ‘Explain’ or ‘Explain’ questions require writing to explain the subject in simple language.

DOWNLOAD Std 6 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020
DOWNLOAD Std 6 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020

All these questions can be put in one category.
Such questions require the candidate to have a deep understanding of the good and evils of a fact or statement.
The word criticism implies that the candidate has to write negative things related to the subject asked in it, but the truth is that the true meaning of criticism is to pay attention to both the merits and demerits.
The ratio can be broadly kept that the ratio of good and bad sides in questions like review / critique / examination / test / inspection should be kept almost equal while in criticism questions the ratio of negative sides should be increased slightly i.e. 70-75% Be done till
Evaluation / Critical Assessment:

Valuation means marking or determining the value of a statement or an object.
In such questions, the candidate is expected to underline the current or present importance of the topic asked, also to explain its shortcomings and finally explain how the overall utility of that statement or object is?
Whether it is written critically or not before evaluation, both things should be understood logically.
Any serious evaluation process can be completed only when the critical aspect is taken into consideration at its core.


The essence is that in critical evaluation questions, the candidate should first state the merits and demerits and finally, on the basis of comparison between them, it should be clear that what and how much importance is given to that statement or object?
Interpretation / epistemology

Mimamsa means to present a subject in a systematic and complete manner.
Writing answers to such questions is not difficult. It is sufficient to write down all possible aspects related to that question.
This is also the basic expectation in questions of thought. The only difference is that in discussing a statement or fact, there is a greater need for logical explanation.

Analysis and synthesis are conflicting terms. While synthesis means uniting the scattered things, analysis means dividing a single idea or statement from simple to simple parts.
While analyzing a statement, a candidate should base references in his mind as to what, why, how, when, where, how much.
Watch the video: Click to understand in detail about Tailender words.

Logical segmentation of questions:

In simple language, logical fragmentation means breaking complex sentences into a few simple sentences and identifying the underlying sub-questions.
In simple statements, this problem is not revealed, but as soon as complex sentence-combining questions are present, the difficulties related to their interpretation and comprehension are revealed to the candidate.
In such a situation, the candidate should mainly focus on those quantity-indicator or intensity-indicator words which determine the focus of the question.
For example, if the question is “The National Emergency declared in 1975 is seen as one of the most controversial times in the history of independent India.” Evaluate. ” So the phrase ‘one of the most controversial times’ should be given the most attention. It is implied that the Emergency has not been the only controversial time in the history of independent India but one of many controversial times. At the same time, it also implied that in this question the candidate does not have to comment on every controversial time, but rather discuss some of the controversial times that the remaining controversial times have been of less intensity than.
In this question, the candidate has to deconstruct the statement given in several sub-questions, such as why the Emergency of 1975 is considered a very controversial period, what can be considered the most controversial period in the history of independent India, and What was the state of emergency of 1975 compared to most controversial calls?