STD 6 VIGYAN EKAM KASOTI ALL VIDEO :What to read and what not to read
The syllabus or syllabus of government exam is very difficult. Therefore, what is required to read is more important than what not to read and you will understand it by looking at the previous year’s question paper. Nowadays the questions of history i.e. history in the government exam are starting to come down and the course of history is also the largest. In such a situation, you read only a few selected questions of history and pay more attention to other subjects. The teacher also suggests that you should skip some topics.


Take a break in between
Most of the students who prepare for the Student Competitive Examination, how many hours should be read? But one thing you have to understand is that there is no study in hours, whenever you study, study for 50 minutes and then take a break of 10 minutes. Because a common human mind cannot focus on anything more than 52 minutes.

So only 50 minutes at a time, continue studying and take a break of 10 minutes. During this 10 minute break, you must do some physical activity. This formula is also tried with the working staff of big companies like NASA and Google of America to keep their minds fresh.

Take other competitive exams
Suppose if you only apply for a railway job or one job and keep on waiting for that job then it is very wrong, you have to apply in all the jobs according to your education notification. So that, this will give you practice of QUESTION of subjects like GK, MATH and REASONINGS.

And you will get a lot of information related to Competition Exam and you will also get Advance Guyan related to every type of Competition Exam. So I would like to advise you that you can apply for many other competitive jobs exam.

Prepare for the exam day
If your competition exam is for 2 hours, then you will not get full 2 ​​hours from it. Why at least 15 – 20 minutes will go to fill the details of your work card like paper work. So you have to be prepared mentally.

Speed ​​can make you successful in any competition exam
For this, you have to make different strategies for different topics of exam paper like Math, GK, Current GK so that you have to solve which subject first and how soon or within time.

Continue to study diligently and diligently
If you have to achieve success in any competition exam, then you have to dedicate your time and energy completely only then you will be able to reach success, otherwise half the incomplete hard work and dedication will not be of any use, then you will find yourself mentally and more Work hard along with which you will be 100 percent successful and sure.

Take deep breaths during the studies that will relieve fatigue
When you are doing any kind of studies, if you remember this thing that I have told you, then take a deep breath and stop reading for a while. With this your mind will be fully recharged. Why human brains work on two important things, first is oxygen and second is fructose.

A which is fructose A is a type of chemical sugar. These two things provide energy to the brain and fructose is its main source. Oxygen helps in brain activity. That is why the more times you take a deep breath, the more your brain recharges and the mental exhaustion goes away and you feel refreshed. If you want to see it practically, then now take a deep breath two to three times and feel yourself, write your feedback in the comment box.

Read Motivational Books
When you are preparing for any competition exam, you may not get good results or delay in getting results for a long time, meaning your tension is increasing or it can be demotivated. And there is another one as well as your friends and friends, Ristadar talks about you being useless, unemployed and all kinds of things that can bother you a lot.

In such a situation, do not demotivate yourself, and to avoid this, you have read the Motivational book and you have strengthened your inner self, otherwise you will never be able to achieve success in the competition exam.

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