STD 7 – E-CONTENT: In today’s article you will learn what content is? And how many species are there? There are so many words on the internet these days that it is very difficult to understand and many people live in confusion. They hear such words every day but do not know what they mean.

In today’s technology life, the Daily, we often see and hear the content of the name on Google and Youtube, but they do not know the meaning of the content properly.

So now I will tell you in detail about the content that will remove the confusion in your mind after reading it.

What is the content? (What is the content in Hindi)
Pure definition of Hindi word content content used for information and entertainment provided by Kisi.

Content Description (What does content mean?)
Content is sound, visible and understandable by the user. Also get details

In simple words like what you see and hear on TV and Mobile or read a newspaper. That is, what a person sees, hears or reads in any way is “content”.

The same information that you read, hear, and see on the Internet in the form of Text, Pictures, Video, is also called content.

Types of content
We can break the content into three parts –


Text Content – Content that contains only words is called Text Content. Like Blogs, Articles.
Audio Content – Content that can only sound like audio is called audio content. Like Fm Radio, Podcast.
Visual content – Content that displays information on viewing forms such as photos, videos, etc.
What is good content? (Quality of good content)
We can say good content for people who love to read, watch and listen and people who like to share that content with their friends and relatives.

With great content, people are also learning something new, so always keep good content in the form of your blog or video.


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How to Write Blog Content
When we write good content for a blog, it is in the form of text and we use images and videos in it, but it is much smaller than text, which is why we call that content as text content. STD 7 – E-CONTENT

Always keep quality content on a blog for people who like to read and learn something new.

If you want to write a good article, you can read our article –

How to write good blog content?
What is Content Writing?
Content means an article written on a topic and Writing means writing An article written on any topic is called content writing.

There are a lot of people who don’t have time to write content, so they get others to write content. And they pay them per word for that content. This function is called Content Writing.

What is Content Writing and How to Make Money?
Who is the Content Writer
We may call anyone who writes Content Author. When you write content for Kisi you are your content writer.

What is the content of e
E-Content is what is available on the Internet. By the way, the content is also available on TV, Newspaper, Radio, etc. But we will call the same E-content that only exists on the Internet.

How to Study Content
If you search for content on your blog, you can easily find it online. Google’s search engine is an excellent tool for this or you can take the help of any Keyword Research Tools. If you want to know more about keyword research, you can read our article on what is keyword research. STD 7 – E-CONTENT