STD 8 – E-CONTENT: Dhanbad, JNN. The world is moving fast towards digital. Private educational institutions are taking action in this regard, but public schools are still a long way off. The Department of Education and Schools has taken strong action to understand its seriousness. In the eyes of the department, the content of e will be very useful. The department has directed all state districts to make greater use of digital technology in any public school where the internet is available.

Teachers and students of schools taught computer and ICT should ensure its use. In this regard, Jharkhand Education Project Director Mashankar Singh has issued a letter to all districts of the state instructing them to use e-content in high schools and high schools. The Director states that the Central Institute of Educational Technology, New Delhi has established a National Archives of Open Educational Resources (NROER). It has a wealth of digital resources namely e-content. It is based on the NCERT syllabus and is available free of charge on the official website of NROER NROER.gov.in. There is so much under themes, e-library, e-books, e-courses, events, partner exhibitions, that will help make teachers and students more creative with digits.

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Keep these items in the content of e

– 13 education files 207 thousand

– 2722 academic texts

– 1664 theme-based sound

– 5960 educational related videos

What’s in that

– IE-Library: Limitations of Trigonometry, Motion Pendulum, Equation of Plane, Mahatma Gandhi 102, World Politics and Cold War, Moving Monkeys, Length of Tangent, Seed Story, White Blood Cell, Solar System, Tissues, Glands and Hormones Solar Family , dust particles in air, measuring etc. More than a thousand collections on various topics

– E-Books: NCERT-based books from 1 to 12. Digital books are available in both Hindi and English.

Standard 8 Mathematics
No. Chapter Name Course Link
1 સંમેય સંખ્યાઓ View Course
2 એક ચલ સુરેખ સમીકરણ View Course
3 ચતુષ્કોણની સમજ View Course
4 પ્રાયોગિક ભૂમિતિ View Course
5 માહિતી નું નિયમન View Course
6 વર્ગ અને વર્ગમૂળ View Course
7 ઘન અને ઘનમૂળ View Course
8 રાશિઓ ની તુલના View Course
9 બૈજિક પદાવલિઓ અને નિત્યસમ View Course
10 ઘનાકારો નું પ્રત્યક્ષીકરણ View Course
11 માપન View Course
12 ઘાત અને ઘાતાંક View Course
13 સમપ્રમાણ અને વ્યસ્ત પ્રમાણ View Course
14 અવયવિકારણ View Course
15 આલેખ નો પરિચય View Course
16 સંખ્યા અને રમત View Course
Standard 8 Science
No. Chapter Name Course Link
1 પાક ઉત્પાદન અને વ્યવસ્થાપન View Course
2 સુક્ષ્મ જીવો : મિત્ર અને શત્રુ View Course
3 સંશ્લેષિત (કુત્રિમ) રેસાઓ અને પ્લાસ્ટિક View Course
4 પદાર્થો: ધાતુ અને અધાતુ View Course
5 કોલસો અને પેટ્રોલિમ View Course
6 દહન અને જ્યોત View Course
7 વનસ્પતિઓ અને પ્રાણીઓ નું સંરક્ષણ View Course
8 કોષ: રચના અને કાર્યો View Course
9 પ્રાણીઓ માં પ્રજનન View Course
10 તરુણાવસ્થા તરફ View Course
11 બળ અને દબાણ View Course
12 ઘર્ષણ View Course
13 ધ્વનિ View Course
14 વિદ્યુતપ્રવાહ ની રાસાયણિક અસરો View Course
15 કેટલીક કુદરતી ઘટનાઓ View Course
16 પ્રકાશ View Course
17 તારાઓ અને સૂર્યમંડળ View Course
18 હવા અને પાણીનું પ્રદુષણ View Course


– E Courses: Online Courses.

– Events: ICT Awards for Teachers.

– Partner Exhibition: Azim Premji University, Center for Cultural Resources and Training, Central Institute of Educational Technology, Directorate of Adult Education from National Fundamental Education Center, Gujarat Institute of Educational Technology and Sciences, Gujarat Institute of Educational Technology (NCERT), Vidya Online , A genre from the broadcast of Science. STD 8 – E-CONTENT

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