Std 8 ekam kasoti Model Paper

DOWNLOAD Std 8 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020:Candidates also have a dilemma in their mind that whether they should use diagrams (like pie diagrams, Venn diagrams, tables, flow-charts) etc. in an answer?

DOWNLOAD Std 8 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020
DOWNLOAD Std 8 ekam kasoti Model Paper 2020

The answer to this question is that it is often best to avoid this tendency in essay and analytical questions. But if the nature of the question is such that there is a need to show mutual relation or classification of different things in it, then the use of drawing can also be helpful.
For example, if the Ethics paper asks “to distinguish between perceptions of guilt and sin. Is it necessary that every crime is a sin and every sin a crime?” So to answer this question, we should use the Venn diagram to clarify the relationship between the two concepts. The difference in many complex concepts can be easily explained through a diagram, not as easily through written words.

The essence is that it is always beneficial to use the drawing style where the interpersonal relationships or classifications of different assumptions are to be clarified, but such experiments should be avoided in pure analytical questions.


What terminology to use?

The simplicity and ease of language-style should be maintained in writing answers. It is necessary to be so careful in choosing words that the dignity of the answer is not compromised.
Words of Urdu and Persian tradition can be used to some extent in essays, but the use of such language should be avoided in general studies papers.
There are fewer problems in using English vocabulary. Wherever a complex, technical term comes for the first time, you should also write the English word in parentheses. You can use the Roman script when writing in parentheses. If you use a technical term in English in Devanagari script then there is no need of parentheses for it. But keep in mind that this facility should be used only for very important words. If the English words are used in excess of the normal ratio, the tester’s brain can be negatively affected.
In the examination, generally give more importance to the vocabulary which is of Sanskrit origin ie Tatsam. Such terminology is often considered more formal and examiners consider it appropriate given the discipline of the exam. For example, the formality in saying ‘Prime Minister is unhealthy’ is not in saying that ‘Wazeera Azam saheb is unwell’. try.
Whether to write a role etc.

Candidates also have enough doubt on the question whether they should write a role at the beginning of their answer. Similarly, there remains doubt about the need for a conclusion at the end of the answer.
Now-a-days answers with no more than 200-250 words in general studies and optional subjects are asked. Therefore, nowadays it is okay to assume that you can start your answer directly without any formal role.
The first sentence of the answer should be kept in such a way that it fulfills the need of the role. If the question is based on a dispute, then a conclusion of one or two lines should also be given, but in general factual questions there is no need for conclusion.
For example, if the question is ‘to discuss the comparative contribution of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Ambedkar in the freedom struggle’ then its brief role and conclusions can be as follows-
Role: If Mahatma Gandhi was leading the mainstream of Indian freedom struggle, then at the same time Dr. Ambedkar was trying to integrate the deprived Dalit and tribal community into the mainstream for centuries. Following are the major points of comparison between these two great leaders-
Conclusion: The essence is that if Mahatma Gandhi’s major role was in liberating India from the British, then Dr. Ambedkar’s role was in liberating us from stereotypes and exploitation.
Make the presentation of the answer attractive

The final aspect of post-writing is how can we make our answer more beautiful and effective? Some of its main sources are as follows:

Don’t forget to underline the most important words and sentences of the answer, but keep in mind that the lesser the amount of graphs used, the greater the effect. Many students underline almost every line which has no benefit.
The candidate should use black and blue colored pens. Like he can write answers with blue pen and underline important parts with black pen. But keep in mind that using a pen of any color other than these two colors is against the rule.
The clearer your handwriting (handwriting), the higher your chances of getting marks.
Good handwriting provides a psychological advantage that ultimately results in digit gains. If your handwriting is not clean then the damage is sure to happen. Therefore, try now that handwriting should at least make sure that the examiner does not get stressed or headache while reading it.
Leave a blank space between your words and lines in such a way that your answer book looks attractive. Leave the gap between the two paragraphs more than the gap between the two lines, so that from a distance you can understand where the new paragraph is starting.