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What is online education

Subject to the information posted on the SAS website for the purpose of guidance on the approval of duplicate service book
Subject to the information posted on the SAS website for the purpose of guidance on the approval of duplicate service book

Online education is a medium of instruction in which students study from home using their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone via the internet. Through this education system you can stay in any corner of the world and connect with your teacher. Similarly, teachers can teach their students from any country or place. As we all know that today is a digital age in which teachers are educating their students with the help of devices like computers and laptops. For your information, it should be mentioned here that the importance of online education increases a lot when schools, colleges and educational institutions are closed due to some kind of disaster. In this case, the education of the students can be continued with the help of online medium.

How to teach online
Any teacher must have full qualification and degree to impart online education. Teaching children is a very important task so if you want to establish yourself as an online teacher, you must have the ability to teach children. Teachers talk like video chat with students to give online education and can also share any written work. Sharing written work means that whatever the teacher writes through the interactive live display will be visible to the students. Similarly, if the student writes something, it is visible to the teacher. The following are some essential information that are essential for online learning:

The teacher should have a computer or laptop. If you don’t have a laptop or computer then having a smartphone is a must.
You cannot study online without internet connection so your internet should be fast so that you can study without any interruption.
The teacher should have a writing tree and a digital pen with which to write on the live screen.
The teacher should have good knowledge and experience on the subject that the teacher wants to teach.
What is needed is online education
The importance of online education has increased in the present times because this method of getting education is quite simple and intuitive. The following are the requirements for online teaching:

If we talk about our country, then our population is growing rapidly due to which all the children are not able to get adequate education because there are not enough schools and colleges available in our country in which everyone can study. से In this case, if we move towards the option of online education, then in this way the pressure on schools will be less and so will the parents’ tax because in this way the chaos of getting admission in any school will end.
At present all the schools, colleges and educational institutes around the world are closed due to the corona epidemic which has had a great impact on the education of the students but at such a time the education of the children continued uninterrupted through online education which is the education of the students Was extremely essential for.
Online education is also needed because most people do not have enough money to pay for expensive school fees or any course fees, which is why they drop out of their studies in the middle, but online education is for everyone to study. Gives a chance.
What are the challenges of online education
The prevalence of online education for getting education is increasing rapidly but there are also many challenges in the way of this education such as-

The biggest challenge of online education system is bad internet connection and also using old computer. Due to these, there is a big challenge in the path of online education as studies cannot be done properly through old computers and bad internet connection.
It is extremely difficult for students to do any kind of lab work or practical in online education system.


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Those who live in the village do not have proper arrangement of electricity in the neglected cities and due to this the people living in the village cannot study through online education.
Not every student has a laptop, computer and phone, so if he wants to study through online education, it can become a problem for him.
There are many subjects on which students need practical learning but in the online education medium system it is extremely difficult to teach such subjects due to which students are not able to take practical education.
What are the benefits of online education?
If you want to get online education then let us tell you that it has many benefits which are as follows-

The biggest advantage of online education is that online education is very convenient as well as its operation process is very simple. When a student receives education through online medium then he / she gets all the focus on his / her teacher whereas it does not happen in the school classroom among other students.
When a student receives education through online education, his hesitation and stress is lessened. Through this system the learning ability of the student is greatly improved. This is because a lot of students are shy and they tend to be shy in the classroom.


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