SWAmulyakan 2.O test swa muklyakan kasoti conve genius app

SWAmulyakan 2.O test : Learning gaps arise as majority of the teachers are not equipped for personalised learning and the inability of many schools to afford high-end solutions in K-12 space.

SWAmulyakan 2.O test

We work with schools SWAmulyakan 2.O test , communities and grassroots organisations to create sustainable educational impact by utilizing our adaptive technology-based solution and nudged learning. This is a learning style where kids are motivated to learn through external triggers or ‘nudges’.

In India, majority of learners lie in the remedial section. Remedial learners face obstacles in learning because they don’t find solutions catering to their needs. The ‘No Detention Policy’ introduced by Right to Education Act automatically promotes kids up to std VIII, irrespective of the level they fall in.

We endeavour to uproot such gaps and cater to the Remedial learners who do not have any affordable solutions, unlike achievers who are intrinsically motivated to learn without any nudges.

SWAmulyakan 2.O test

Why Nudged Learning?

વિડીયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

According to SWAmulyakan 2.O test the Right to Education Act, 2009, under section 23, National Council for Teacher Education has made it compulsory for the candidate to pass the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) to be able to teach classes I-VIII. Under TET, it is imperative for the candidate to understand the characteristics, needs, and psychology of diverse learners, be able to interact with learners and imbibe the attributes and qualities of a good facilitator of learning.

This means that all the teachers needless of their qualification can be good facilitators or what we call as ‘nudgers’. In nudged learning, we equip the nudger with our technology-based solution to ensure they facilitate efficiently. The child is motivated to learn through nudges that are triggered either while learning through our technology-based solutions or by the ones initiated by the nudger in the classroom.

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