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Teacher Badli Related: Outrage among teachers over internal transfers and district transfers Camps stagnant In the sense of Gandhinagar, primary teachers do not belong to the family. Then the district is shifting to standard 6 to 8 and from standard 1.

Hence the demand to change the rules of internal transfer, to change the residence of the internal teachers of the primary teachers who have accepted the option of 5 teachers. In the rule to mention the district, the education department has demanded a change of time and original school for more than a year.

Patel has mentioned the mentioned district transfer and reciprocal transfer. Or anywhere in the taluka.At present, in the rules of hometown, it is worth mentioning that the rule of home district has been amended to include many last. While Jenny’s camp has been delayed for some reason, the state primary teachers’ union has been serving the primary teachers against the stalled fluctuations.


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 Therefore, for years, teachers have been getting the benefit of Digvijay Singh Jadeja’s demand for primary internal transfer and the demand for starting the transfer camp by submitting it to the Director of Education once and for all during the district transfer. Being deprived of benefits.


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Is. Together with the state education department, Gujarat state primary teachers have organized the transfer camps in the interest of the primary teachers. The mention of the home district in the rules has demanded that 100 percent teacher transfers be removed from the home district rule in the current changing times. Many teachers in the state are being treated unfairly by their children for higher studies or jobs.