The 5G Service Will Be Launched in India Soon

5G service may be launched in India soon. The service could not be started this year due to the Corona epidemic. So now there are reports that 5G service will be launched in the country next year. Earlier, 2G and 3G services were available in the country. After that 4G service was launched in the country which saw a drastic change in the speed of the internet. 4G service was the beginning of cheap internet coming to the country.

What is a 5G service?

5G service is seen as an industry standard. Which is expected to be one step ahead of the current 4G LTE standard. Just like 4G replaced 3G. In the same way, 5G will now take its place. This is the 5th standard. Which is said to provide more speed than 4G internet speeds.

According to media reports, the 4G offer offers a download speed of around 14 MBPS. While the speed on the 3G network was five times less than this. Indeed, 4G networks can reach speeds of up to 150 Mbps. So that users can download gigabytes of data in just a matter of minutes. Standard 4G upload speeds can be up to about 8 Mbps. So that the theoretical speed can reach 50 Mbps. While it is believed that 5G technology will be 100 times faster than 4G.

The price will not increase in India

With 5G service, it is expected that telecom companies will increase their prices. But some experts believe that most companies will take advantage of this service to attract more customers. So prices are less likely to rise.

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