Download New Guideline Government Has Announced a for Corona’s Office

Download New Guideline Government Has Announced a for Corona’s OfficeThe Union Home Ministry has issued a new guidelines to prevent coronavirus infection. According to him, if there are one or two transitions now, only that part of the office will be sanitized. Where the patient was working. The ministry said the office and building would be sanitized and work resumed if there were more cases in the workplace.

Download the guideline. This rule is in the new OOP. The officer or employee residing in the containment zone will have to inform his office about this. They will be able to come to the office after coming out of the containment zone. Until then they will be able to work from home.

Download this one guideline. Offices in the containment zone will be closed. Apart from this, employees without symptoms and others will get permission to come to the office. The SOP also emphasizes corona prevention measures.

ગાઈડલાઈન  ડાઉનલોડ કરો 

Ronak will grow in the office as before. Along with this, as per the order of the Ministry of Labor of the Central Government, every employee of the Central Government has been asked to come to the office on working days. The new orders have been implemented in the country, including the capital. It is said that officers and employees living in the containment zone will be allowed not to come to the office. The office will be able to come after they come out of this zone.



Only 50 percent of employees in the Corona crisis were working in the office

The central government last year imposed some restrictions because of Corona and asked 50 per cent of employees to work from the office. Different office hours were also fixed for this.

Attendance will be recorded from the register

The order states that attendance will be taken from the register by turning off biometric attendance till the new order. With this each department will hold a meeting by video conference if possible. guideline

Precautionary measures will be followed

The SOP states that each employee must follow the rules of the corona.

There is a new SOP

The office will no longer be sealed upon receiving Corona’s case
Directions issued by the Union Ministry of Health
Once the office is transitioned, work can resume

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Instruct all Central Government employees to be present in the office
If one or two employees in the office get infected with corona, the office will be able to continue
The place where the infected person has gone will be transition free
If more cases are found in an office, the entire building will have to be cleared
All offices and offices in the containment zone will be closed
Masks and social distance are still mandatory
Thermal screening of all employees in the office is also required guideline