The entire course will be taught in primary

The entire course will be taught in primary: The entire course will be taught in primary, the rule of failure will not be applicable in standard 5 and 8
The schedule of the annual examination will be decided keeping in view the condition of the corona
The rule that students are not accustomed to studying online will not be enforced

No cuts will be made in the courses of standard 1 to 8 primary schools. Students will have to study the entire course.

At the same time, the rule of failing in Std. 5 and 8 is also not likely to be implemented this year. The date of the annual examination of primary schools will be decided keeping in view the number and status of cases of corona. Earlier, the board had reduced the standard 9 to 12 courses by 30 per cent.

Only online education is running in schools because of Corona. In this situation it is not possible for the student to get proper education. Because children are not accustomed to online learning, there are many difficulties.

According to the information received from the sources of the education department, the rule of failure in Std. 5 and 8 will not be implemented this year. So that parents and students will benefit.

Details of 30% courses cut in Std-9 to 12 have been posted on the board’s site
Gujarat Board has announced the information of 30% course with 9th to 12th cuts. Parents will be able to find information from the board’s website. The board has posted four circulars on its website as per the norms.

Each standard clarifies which subjects have been cut in which subjects. There are no restrictions on grammar in language subjects. Students will have to study all the grammar topics. The board on Tuesday clarified which subjects students will be required to study in which standard, which subjects will be excluded from the examination, as well as which subjects have not been changed.