The Eternals: A Guide to Marvel’s New Cosmic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to grow. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, announced that “The Eternals” will be the name for the first film in Marvel Studios’ cosmic universe.

The Eternals, an ancient race created by the celestials cosmic entities, possess superhuman abilities and are the oldest living species in the MCU. They are led and based on Titan by Ikaris the oldest of the Eternals.

First Appearance of the Eternals

Eternals, Jack Kirby’s creation, also has a clear connection to other work he did a few years before over in DC. Yes, the new gods.

Kirby was able to continue exploring similar themes and characters in The Eternals, which allowed him to continue exploring mythos gods and the cosmic realms of superhero stories.

Who doesn’t love to be a little more cosmic? Are you right?

Jack Kirby, appearing in New Gods Issue number one in 1971, created the dark gods. In 1976, the Eternals Issue one was their first publication.

We were also created by Kirby.

Thanos is also an Eternal

Thanos is in fact one of the Eternals. He is a Titanian Eternal but he is still one. Thanos was the son of the Titan Eternal Sui San and an eternal mentor from Earth.

Thanos has connections to not only the internals but also the kind of villains we believe they will be protecting Earth from in the MCU, The Deviants.

Thanos was born with the deviant disorder. This is a mutation and a predisposition that only Titan Eternals can experience. Thanos is thought to be the only immortal to have experienced this genetic mutation.

Although he is genetically altered by The Deviant Syndrome, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t appear alongside the deviance in MCU. They are both quite distinct, even though they share the same name Thanos for his condition, The Deviant syndrome.

It’s possible that it might be mentioned in the MCU. I do not know if that will happen, but I think that Thanos would be very happy to have that connection. It would be very cool.

Who are the Celestials?

It is important to remember that the Eternals were created by The Celestials.

The Celestials arrived on earth and selected a prehistoric tribe to alter and manipulate their technology and power.

The Eternals were granted great cosmic power, which allowed them to control every atom and every molecule in their bodies over time.

They became almost immortal as a result. It was believed that even if their bodies were destroyed and scattered they could resurrect or be resurrected.

Who is the Villain in The Eternals?

The Eternals will face their main enemy in the film, The Deviants.

But who exactly are these deviants? Exactly?

In Eternals Issue number 1, the Deviants were the first to appear as enemies of the Eternals.

They also made a retcon debut in 1940 in Red Raven Comics.

However, that was before they had character creation.

The Celestials created them at the same moment as the Eternals from prehistoric human beings. However, the Eternals gave cosmic power to the Eternals groups of ape-like human beings that returned to the Eternals.

Instead, the Deviants had their DNA unstabilized which led to many extreme mutations. The Deviants’ offspring, if any, were also unstabilized, which meant that their children, if any, would look very different from their parents.

The Deviants were often referred to as monsters by the Eternals and they saw The Eternals both as their enemies and as their rivals.

You Are Not Alone in The Cosmos

As was evident in the Titan internals, of which Sui San was the sole progenitor. We are not the only ones in the cosmos, according to the Eternals we know from Earth.

They weren’t the only ones on Earth, as they also had the deviants. And they weren’t the only ones in the universe. Many other planets of interest had their own subspecies.

Two of the most well-known alien races were the Cree (and Skrulls) who had their own Eternals.

Celestials created both of these groups by selecting a few ancient ancestors from those alien races while they visited their home planets millions to billions of years ago. They then experimented with them to create The Eternals.There are many alien races of Eternals. You get Eternals and some Eternals in your back.

Why did the Celestials create The Eternals?

Hence, why did The Celestials create The Eternals
Some might wonder if it was a Mad Science Experiment, or just for fun with all the powerful cosmic beings.

Initial beliefs of The Eternals were that they were created to protect Earth’s heroes and protectors. This is why The Deviants and eternals get into conflict.

According to the Deviants, they believed they were meant to inherit earth from one of their celestial creators.

This promise was broken later and discarded by Celestials. They waged constant war against their rival subspecies The Eternals.

Eternals are often thought to be mythical heroes and Gods. However, the Deviants, who often appear in Legends as monsters that were defeated and imprisoned in Legends, have been part of this mythos throughout history.

The Real Purpose of Eternals

During Jason Aaron’s tenure on The Avengers, 2018, The Eternals’ true purpose was revealed.

We find out their dark secrets in Issue 4, and how they murdered one another or took their own lives.

They were created by the Celestials to protect Earth. However, they can only cultivate it.

It turned out that Earth and The Eternals had been seen as a weapon against The Horde.

The Horde is an alien race that looks a lot like insects and acts as an opposition force to the celestials in the cosmos.

They offer a balance.

The Celestials can be seen as a force for creation and The Horde as a force for destruction.

After believing that they were meant to protect Earth for millennia they discovered they had been driven mad by this revelation. They destroyed each other and themselves in a fit rage, turmoil, and sheer agony.

I suppose eternals can only be immortal if they choose.

The Eternals were in Marvel comics from 1976. They are also in canon history, or an ancient subspecies created by these Celestials. They have existed since prehistoric times.

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