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Download rules form all.The government has changed the rule regarding Fastag, you will get relief at Toll PlazaThere is good news for you if you drive a car. You will now be free from the hassle of having a minimum balance in FASTag if you travel on the National Highway.

Then we will see in detail here what will change from July 1 .. State Bank’s rule changed State Bank said that from July 1, 2021, new service charge will be applicable for SBI account holders. The change in charge will also be for ATM withdrawals, check books, money transfers and other transactions.

SBI has kept these accounts free from the problem of minimum balance i.e. the minimum balance is zero. Account holders get Rupay ATM cum Debit Card. Where will the charge be? All these charges will be applicable from 1st July 2021. After this date 4 times free cash withdrawal will be charged. The important thing is that the transaction from both the branch and the atm will be considered together.

This way the transaction is free 4 times a month, whether from a bank or an ATM. Rs 15 + GST ​​will have to be paid on cash withdrawal.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો અહીંથી

NHAI has repealed the rule of minimum balance for easier use of FASTag. However, this facility is reserved for cars, GPs or vans only. This minimum balance rule will still be mandatory for a commercial vehicle. government

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Lucknow Agra Express Highway (Photo ANI)
Passenger will pass toll without minimum balance

The National Highway Authority of India says that now FASTag does not have to have a minimum balance in addition to the bank security deposit to be introduced. Earlier, FASTag had a rule of keeping minimum balance in addition to security deposit from banks. The bank was asking customers to keep a minimum balance of Rs 150 to Rs 200. Passengers were not allowed to proceed at the toll plaza as there was no minimum balance in the FASTag wallet. Due to which they had to face difficulties. government

File photo (photo ANI)
The amount of the negative account will be recovered from the bank security deposit

The NHAI has now decided that drivers will now be allowed to pass through the toll plaza until a negative balance is found in the FASTag account or wallet. That means if the money in the FASTag account is low but not negative the car will be allowed to cross the toll plaza. Even after crossing the toll plaza, the FASTag account becomes negative. If the customer does not recharge it, the negative account amount will be recovered from the bank security deposit.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Target of 100 percent cashless toll

There are currently over 2.54 crore FASTag users across the country. FASTag accounts for 80% of the total toll collection on the National Highway. At present, the daily toll collection by FASTag has crossed Rs 89 crore. Payment at Toll Plaza has been made mandatory by FASTag from 15 February 2021. NHAI aims to make toll plazas across the country 100 per cent cashless tolls.

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