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The Government of Gujarat and the Central Government are providing 100 per cent assistance on bee keeping

Government of Gujarat: It is important to know not only about the assistance given by B breeders for the production of beehives but also for the production of bee hives (colonies) provided by the Central and State Governments.

India is basically a Minister of Agriculture and a vision of a variety of plants. It is a prosperous country in which more than 90% of the people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture and allied industries. Government of Gujarat

After independence, many efforts were made for the development of industrialization. These include agro-based industries such as dairy, fisheries, poultry farming, silkworm rearing and bee keeping. Beekeeping is one of the most important farming industries in all these industries.

35,000 species of bees

The Indian subcontinent has 35,000 species of various plants of the world (9% of the world’s flora). Which is a huge and potential scope for beekeepers. As a result, the number of bee colonies and honey production has increased significantly. The practice of collecting honey from the forest has been going on for a long time. Due to the growing demand for honey and its products, beekeeping is emerging as a freelance business. Is. Government of Gujarat

5 million people of the country should get livelihood

India has the capacity to raise 1,200 lakh hives, which is expected to provide livelihood to 3 million people in the country. If the beekeeping method can be used to produce 12 lakh tons of honey by scientific method.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Beekeeping will be supported by both the central government and the state government. For this, Rs 500 crore was allocated in last year’s budget. You can get information about this from

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