This One Thing That Can Be Found Quite Easily at Home Can Destroy the Deadly Corona

Corona News: According to a survey conducted in England, pesticide sprays found in us and our homes have the power to kill the Corona Virus. This chemical, called citriodiol, is usually found in pesticide, mosquito repellent sprays. Scientists at Britain’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) have gathered preliminary information.

This chemical-heavy on the corona
Scientists have learned that companies that make pesticides in spray form produce and use a chemical called citriodol. Which has the ability to fight against Corona. Not only that, when the liquid form of citriodol was mixed with the coronavirus, the coronavirus was found to die.

This spray did wonder
According to the research, “pesticide sprays and coronaviruses were mixed together to kill the coronavirus. Not only that, but a spray called Mosi-guard was amazing and had such an effect on the virus that it was useless. This means that no one has been able to penetrate the person’s body. ”

Citriodol is found in eucalyptus flowers
According to research, the chemical Citriodiol used in sprays is found in the bark of eucalyptus flowers. Which is found mostly in Asia, South America, and Africa.

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Currently preliminary results, hurry is not appropriate
The British Ministry of Defense said the research did not go far but was the preliminary results of the study. The results were released to help with ongoing research on corona around the world. Since May, British troops have been using mosquito repellent sprays to prevent corona.

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