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Baisag Talim: The teachers’ unions of Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University have opposed this Board of Governors system. He says that the government wants to tighten its grip on higher education institutions through the Board of Governors in the name of autonomy.

Today Baisag Talim Topic
Today Baisag Talim Topic

Laxman Yadav, an assistant professor at Delhi University’s Zakir Hussain College, says in a phone conversation with Gaon Kekshan, “The word autonomy sounds very good but there is a wrong intention of the government behind it, which very few people are able to understand now.

It wants control of higher education institutions through the Board of Governors in the determination of fees, teachers’ salaries and appointments, courses and other academic programs, which is a hoax and deception in the name of autonomy. ” However, the new education policy states that the government will spend more on higher education to promote quality education. For this, the government has said in the new education policy to spend 6 percent of GDP on education.

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Apart from this, determination of fees and imposition of cap on it is also a matter in NEP. To make higher education more centralized, the new education policy will bring institutions like University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Trade Education (AICTE) and National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) under one institution and higher education. There will be just one regulatory body for.

However, medical and law educational institutions will also be given exemption in this. There is also talk of setting up a National Research Foundation to promote research. Central, state and deemed universities will be looked at on the same standard to promote uniformity in higher education and the new policy also calls for conducting an entrance examination across the country.