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TOP 10 Fight Video on the Cricket Ground

TOP 10 Fight Video: World Cricket Battle 2 aka WCB2 is the next 3G cricket game on the Android platform with real cricket simulation experience.

World Cricket Battle 2 is a real treat for all cricket fans who want to try out a wide range of world cricket championships including my career mods and real-time cricket betting multiplayer.

World Cricket Battle plays against a real opponent in real-time multiplayer mode. Play real battles in a private room with your friends or play with a random opponent through match-making. Enjoy the game with fun emojis. No bots used!

This mode gives you the opportunity to start your international cricket career in the virtual game world. You will start your cricket career in street cricket matches and you will go through various stages of the cricket journey till you reach retirement age! At each stage you have to complete certain goal scores and goals to move forward. You will be made the captain of your cricket team at some stage and you can maintain your captaincy with your cricket captaincy skills and success rate. TOP 10 Fight Video

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