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Unemployment Allowance Became Easier, Three Changes Were Made in the Plan

Unemployment Allowance Became Easier: The Ministry of Labor’s plan for those who lost their jobs during the Corona epidemic is constantly changing. The State Employees Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has now made three major changes to the Atal Vimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana in view of the hassles being availed after applying for the scheme. This change will make it easier for unemployed people to get unemployment benefits. In addition, people who are unable to receive unemployment benefits after getting a job can also benefit.

Deadline is June 30, 2021

The first change in the ABVKY scheme from ESIC has been made on the last date of its application. Unemployment Allowance

The last date of application in this scheme has been made 30th June 2021. In the meantime, those who were unemployed up to six months ago will be able to apply and take 50% of the current salary as allowance for three months.

This is the second and third change

There is another change in the way to get medical facility 6 months after leaving the job. If a person loses his job, he can treat his dependents with SIC for six months. One more dependent treatment has been given by SIC. The third most important change that has been made is to take advantage of the scheme in installments. MK Sharma, Commissioner, Revenue and Benefits, ESIC, says the benefits are significant. Since the scheme started, it has been found that people cannot take advantage of this. It has often happened that a person who has applied for the benefit of this scheme has got a job after taking one or two months’ allowance and his allowance has stopped. But if she loses her job again next month, the scheme, which provides unemployment benefits for three consecutive months, has been changed.

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