vadh ghat camp/badli pariptra & all tharav

vadh ghat camp/badli pariptra & all tharav :If you are transferring money online to another account and due to some mistakes made during this time, do not panic if the money goes to the wrong account. Provide immediate information in the bank where the account is held.

Vadh ghat camp/badli pariptra & all tharav
vadh ghat camp/badli pariptra & all tharav

The bank will inform the bank of the wrong beneficiary based on the information. The beneficiary will ask his bank for permission to withdraw the transaction.

If the beneficiary accepts, the money transferred by mistake will be returned to your account. If the beneficiary does not agree, then you can file a case in court.

Will be back in a day or two
In case of transfer of more money to someone else’s account, file a complaint with your bank as soon as possible. If you and your beneficiary account are in the same bank, then your money will be returned soon. This work may take a day or two.

These are guidelines
RBI guidelines that if the money gets deposited in someone else’s account by mistake then the bank will have to take steps as soon as possible. The bank will have to make arrangements to return the money from the wrong account to the correct account.

How to transfer
If you have an account with any bank and you have activated NetBanking, then you can easily transfer money to other account under NEFT and RGFT online. For this, the user ID and password received from the bank will have to be used carefully.

vadh ghat camp/badli pariptra & all tharav

ક્રમ વિગત ડાઉનલોડ લીંક
વધ ઘટ કેમ્પ પરિપત્ર તા ૧૨/૧૧/૨૦૨૦ ડાઉનલોડ
બદલીના નિયમો ૨૩/૦૫/૨૦૧૨ ડાઉનલોડ
બદલીના નિયમો ૦૫/૦૬/૨૦૨૦ ડાઉનલોડ
બદલીના નિયમો ૨૬/૧૦/૨૦૨૦ ડાઉનલોડ

First of all, you have to log in to the bank’s online NetBanking. After this, go to the option of third party transfer or same bank account holder, to whom the money is to be sent, fill the details. After some time, the bank will verify the information given to that account and inform you. After this you can transfer money.

Do not share
Apart from the user ID and password received from the bank, do not share the OTP on mobile during online transfer with anyone.

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