Vhali dikari Yojana

Vhali dikari Yojana

Daughter! Today we are living in the age of technology. We are achieving a lot in modernity but at the same time we are paying a heavy price for it. Today we have become modern but at the same time we have been enslaved by some superstitions. Yes, we are still blind faith in so much technology. Even today, when a daughter is born, the members of the house show sadness and despair instead of happiness. Penda if a son is born and Jalebi if a daughter is born! Discrimination from birth! Now God knows who is thinking in this, but even today the daughter is seen as a curse. That is why the number of daughters, i.e. women, has been steadily declining all over the world. The number of females against males is very low. The situation is such that in states like Punjab, there are not even 800 women for every 1000 men. This inequality gives rise to many social problems. That is why today the situation has come to save the daughters. Today the government is also planning in this direction. The government is running a number of schemes to promote the birth of a daughter, in which a scheme like , mukhya mantri svavlamban yojana , maa amrutam yojana , ayushyaman yojana and Vhali Dikari is proving to be very effective today. Let’s find out today about the Whale Daughter scheme.

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Vahali daughter scheme
vahali Daughter scheme by government of gujarat

What is vhali Dikari Yojana?

Vhali Dikari Yojana is a special scheme implemented by the Government of Gujarat. In which the birth of daughters is encouraged, the number of daughters is planned to increase. In which at the time of birth of the daughter the eligible parents are given benefits under this scheme. This scheme is not unique to Gujarat. In other states also this scheme has been implemented under different names. Such as Ladi Yojana in Haryana, Maji Kanya Bhagyashree Yojana in Maharashtra, Ladi Lakshmi Yojana in Madhya Pradesh and Kanya Prakalp Yojana in West Bengal. The scheme provides financial assistance to the daughter. The government has also allocated Rs 133 crore for this scheme.

Benefits of Vahlli Daughter Scheme

Under this scheme daughters get financial assistance.
★ Female birth rate increases.
★ This scheme also increases the level of education among daughters.

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General information about vahali Daughter scheme

★This scheme is fully subsidized by the State Government.
★ Beneficiaries of this scheme are given assistance of 1, 1,10,000. This amount is not received at once but according to its rule 4000 ₹ is given when the girl takes admission in the first standard, the same daughter is given 6000 when she takes this admission in standard 9 and 10000 ₹ when the daughter is 18 years old. Are given .
★Beneficiaries can apply for this scheme both online and offline.
★ The financial assistance received by the beneficiary is directly credited to his bank account.

Conditions for availing benefits

★ This scheme is only for two daughters of the family.
★ Beneficiary should be a resident of Gujarat state.
★Beneficiary should have a bank account.
★Beneficiary’s annual income should not exceed 00 2,00,000.

Evidence to take advantage of the scheme

★Domicile Certificate
★ Birth certificate
★ Example of income
★ Parent ID card
★Bank passbook
★Passport photograph

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The process of planning

An application form is invited for this scheme. These application forms are verified by a government official. A list of beneficiaries is created after verification. At the end the beneficiary is credited to the bank account.

How to apply?

Applicants can apply online and offline to avail the benefits of this scheme. However, the government has not officially announced any prescribed procedure. Here are some common steps that will hopefully help the applicant

First of all you have to visit the official website of the government. Where all the information related to the plan read carefully. Then collect all the required documents as required. Download the application form or fill up the application form with all the required details by clicking on the online application form registration option. Upload the required documents along with the form and finally submit the application form.

Note: The rules of this scheme may change from time to time. Therefore, you must verify the official information before applying!


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